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Questions tagged [year-zero-engine]

A dice pool system by Free League Publishing.

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6 votes
2 answers

AnyDice: How to model opposed rolls from YZE?

Year Zero Engine uses d6's dice pools. On the standard roll you throw a bunch of d6's and count 6's as succesess. One is enough, but 2 and more can give you additional results (such as additional ...
5 votes
3 answers

Count successes in pools of stepped dice

I tried to find this but my google-fu fails me. This is a mechanic similar to Blade Runner or Twilight 2000 RPG. For any action, the player rolls 2 dice which could range from 2d6 to 2d12 or anything ...
1 vote
1 answer

How to include pushed roll chances in anydice?

D6 dice pool from 0 to 6 where resolving 0 is rolling 2 dice and counting the lower result only. Rolling 5 or 6 means a hit. Rolling 1 is a mishap. Degrees of Success: Failure: no hits at all Mixed ...