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Questions tagged [zone]

An explicitly defined region of the world, most often used during combat to sharply delineate where certain effects apply.

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Architect's Staff additional squares position

How exactly does the property of the Architect Staff (AV pag 103) that adds squares to a zone work? Specifically: Do you have to add the squares adjacent to the zone? Once you added the first one, do ...
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How do Zones work from a Runepriest?

I've been playing as a Runepriest for a number of sessions now. I have two powers that create Zones, but I think I've been using them wrong and couldn't find any clarification. Both are similar. They ...
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Do zone effect spells require a target to hit and if it fails to hit does the zone happen?

A group discussion happened last night. The power in question was Stinking Cloud. Our wizard argued that zone spells always succeed until the sustain fails. This seemed to be very strong in my ...
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How to distinguish and quantify zone aspects in Fate Core

Let's say for example that there's a scene on the rooftops. Zone 1 has the aspect Slippery Second Story Rooftop, and after a bit of running and sci-fi shenanigans, Zone 2 has Top of a Scyscraper. Let'...
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How do zones and line of effect work, and are they adjusted if the zone follows the player (kinda like an aura, but defined as a zone)?

So lets say your situation is like so: ..... .XXX. CXB.. .XXX. ..... Where C is the caster, and B is blocking terrain, and the x's are the squares affected by a ...
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When a power makes a zone, what squares does it affect?

Some powers create zones, and most of them just say it, "zone", but what exactly is it? I mean, whats the size? For they just mention the range of where I can put the "core" of the zone!
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What counts as "entering a zone"?

There are many actions that create persistent zones and have a trigger for their effect of among others: "...enters the zone..." What are the things that qualify as entering the zone? Things that ...
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What are the requirements for sustaining a zone?

I am playing a new character that uses a lot of sustained zones, and I'd like to understand exactly how they work. In the compendium for "Sustained Durations" the only restriction it lists is: The ...
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How does Warp in the Weave interact with moveable area-effects?

The level 6 Arcana utility power Warp in the Weave (Dragon #385, p. 79) reads as follows: Trigger: A creature uses a burst or blast power that includes you. Effect: You spend a healing surge but ...
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Does a creature know the precise rule effects of a zone or aura when they are affected by it?

My question here revolves around when and how much information does a player or creature gain about an aura or zone, once they are affected by it. Do those affected know exactly what effects are ...
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How do you determine the size of zones?

Determining the size of a zone still eludes me. How do you determine the number and size of zones when you are in a combat situation in Dresden Files?
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Do damage modifiers affect the damage dealt by a sustainable zone?

A player's wizard that I DM for has picked up the Ice Sceptor from the Cairn of the Winter King adventure. The Ice Sceptor has the following property: Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to the ...
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Do overlapping damaging zones stack?

We know penalties from zones do not stack, but the rules appear to be silent about overlapping damaging effects. If I'm in two zones that each do 15 fire damage, how much damage do I take?
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Do cover providing powers provide cover from adjacent melee attacks?

My Warden just acquired the level 2 Utility Daily: Nature's Abundance which creates a Zone which provides ...
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Pyromancy Master, extendable zones, and the Architect's Staff

Pyromancy Master: When you use an area or close arcane fire attack power that is not already a zone, the area of the attack becomes a zone that lasts until the end of your next turn. Creatures that ...
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Does the Goblin Hexer's Vexing Cloud grant concealment and an additional -2 to hit?

The Goblin Hexer's Vexing Cloud is a standard action with a zone: Area burst 3 within 10; automatic hit; all enemies within the zone take a -2 penalty to attack rolls. The zone grants ...
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When a Stinking Cloud is moved onto a creature, does the creature take damage immediately?

In a recent session of D&D 4e, a Stinking Cloud was moved onto a creature who was outside of it. Stinking Cloud Effect: ...Creatures that enter the zone or start their turns there take ...
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