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Here is a D&D Beyond link to a list of all spells that require a ranged attack roll. There are:

  • six cantrips
  • six 1st-level spells
  • four 2nd-level spells
  • one 4th-level spell
  • one 5th-level spell, and
  • one 7th-level spell.

Any spell that entails making a ranged spell attack, as part of casting the spell, will be affected by Spell Sniper. As you may notice, it's quite a few of them!

Some of the above spell, while requiring ranged spell attacks, do not do so as part of casting. These are Crown of Stars, Storm Sphere, and Wall of Light. These spell attacks all occur separately from casting, and thus do not benefit from the range increase, but those ranged spell attacks do benefit from the reduction in cover.

On top of the ranged spell attacks, Booming Blade and Green-flame Blade benefit, so long as you can attack out to 10ft with your melee weapon (i.e. it has at least 10ft reach).

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