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there are adventurer's league backgrounds
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The D&D Adventurers League Player & DM Pack covers what is a legal DDAL resource. From the AL player's Guide v9.2:

Background. Choose or create a background using the Player’s Handbook or other campaign resources. Additional resources are permitted in the Adventurers League Content Catalogue (ALCC).


Official Backgrounds

  • Acolyte (BR, SRD, PHB)
  • Charlatan (PHB)
  • City Watch (SCAG)
  • City Watch Variant: Investigator (SCAG)
  • Clan Crafter (SCAG)
  • Cloistered Scholar (SCAG)
  • Courtier (SCAG)
  • Criminal (BR, PHB)
  • Criminal Variant: Spy (BR, PHB)
  • Entertainer (PHB)
  • Entertainer Variant: Gladiator (PHB)
  • Faction Agent (SCAG)
  • Far Traveler (SCAG)
  • Folk Hero (BR, PHB)
  • Guild Artisan (PHB)
  • Guild Artisan Variant: Guild Merchant (PHB)
  • Hermit (PHB)
  • Inheritor (SCAG) (Adventurer's League has special rules for this, presented here)
  • Knight of the Order (SCAG)
  • Mercenary Veteran (SCAG)
  • Noble (BR, PHB)
  • Noble Variant: Knight (PHB)
  • Outlander (PHB)
  • Sage (BR, PHB)
  • Sailor (PHB)
  • Sailor Variant: Pirate (PHB)
  • Soldier (BR, PHB)
  • Urban Bounty Hunter (SCAG)
  • Urchin (PHB)
  • Uthgardt Tribe Member (SCAG)
  • Waterdhavian Noble (SCAG)

Also worth noting is that D&D Adventurer's League supports customizing a background, as per the PHB rules for doing so. While this allows for a custom selection of skill proficiency and tool/language proficiency, you're still restricted to equipment packages and background features as published.

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