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5 of 10 added some examples of the music I was talking about, hope this is ok

Ambient Sounds in Pen&Paper

I'm currently running a campaign with highly interactive players who do a lot of exploring, debating, politicizing, weaving intrigues, etc., etc. (We rarely have real fights, maybe once every 5-10 hours played) Music is TSFH, Zack Hemsey, Audiomachine, etc (I can really recommend this for your action / climax playlist!), but this is mostly epic-trailer-music, not fitting "common actions".

Especially for exploring and "everyday conversations" (in a pub or a tavern for example), I need ambient sounds. (In a murky cave: The sound of little creatures running around, water dropping from the ceiling or in a pub indifferent conversation, laughter, I think you catch the drift.)

Are there any smaller or larger sound file archives for that?

To clarify: I'm thankful for the app suggestions and will definitely look into them, but a straight-up collection of sounds would be enough :)

THIS IS NOT DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE TOPIC! If you are reading this, you maybe are interested in the music I was talking about earlier, here a few examples:

Zack Hemsey - Redemption Imagine the heroes being victorious, but immediately realizing that this is just another step on a hard journey
Zack Hemsey - See what I´ve become A blasting defeat to one of your nearest allies, at first crestfallen you soon recover, gather your strengths, once again charge into battle
Two Steps From Hell - Fight The Clock Charging down a hallway, the demon lord is close to completing his final summoning, you are just moments away from stopping him. Better start moving!
Two Steps from Hell - Protectors of the Earth Once again the great armies of the kingdom fight again, the last stand of a once glorious empire against the forces of evil
Two Steps From Hell - Archangel The final fight, it's you against your enemy, charging towards each other, fighting a battle of a magnitude never experienced, everything else becomes irrelevant. You ARE the fight.
Two Steps from Hell - Moving Mountains In a desperate attempt, you and your closest try to flank the enemies army. A second before they realize you are there, you get a feeling that this won't end well ...