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Reversing AC Roles?

I was thinking about AC, attacks, and how to make it slightly easier on a DM, and more interactive for players. The idea I came up with was to reverse AC roles.

To do this, a players AC now becomes the Armor/Magic Item mods plus DEX modifier, and a monsters attack would be the listed attack bonus plus 10. Essentially this moves the plus 10 from player to monster. Finally, a player rolls a d20 and adds there new AC to this. From here, a tie or going over is a successful dodge, going under is an attack.

I've seen two problems with this, namely that you could see this as being able to have things that affect ability checks affect this, but this would follow the rules set out in the Ability Checks article on WotC website. The article states (Talking about attack rolls, saving throws and ability checks) "The guidance spell, affects one of them, the other two aren't affected unless the rules specifically say so. " The other problem I saw was Advantage/Disadvantage on the monsters Attack rolls. This is also easily solved by applying the reverse to the player. For instance if a monster has previously been given advantage against a PC, then in this new system the PC would have disadvantage vs the monsters attack.

I haven't tried it, but have thought about it for a while. My questions are these: Has anyone tried this, if they have does it work? If you haven't tried it, can anyone see problems with it?