[Inspired by this question](https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/102996/ "Clothier's closet via shadow conjuration. Any wrinkles?"), if the holder of an object tries to place an object in the pocket of the *shadow* clothes (those created by the spell [*shadow conjuration*](http://dndsrd.net/spellsS.html#shadow-conjuration "D&D SRD.net, shadow conjuration entry")), the object automatically succeeds on its saving throw to disbelieve, and the clothes are only 20% likely to affect the object. So 80% of the time, the DM determines what happens, but I suspect that means objects fall through the shadowy pockets as a wearer tries to place things in them.

[Objects](http://dndsrd.net/carryingAndExploration.html#object-saving-throws) (excepting magic items) only sometimes receive saving throw rolls. *Unattended* objects get no saving throws, but attended objects often "save as the character [holding them] (that is, using the character’s saving throw bonus)."

According to the [SRD](http://dndsrd.net/magicOverview.html#voluntarily-giving-up-a-saving-throw "D&D SRD.net, Magic Overview"), a creature can "voluntarily forego a saving throw and willingly accept a spell’s result."

So, can a character holding an object forgo the object's saving throw, so as to allow them to place things in their own (*shadow*) pockets?