**No, every shapechanger (tag) in the MM leaves Type unchanged. The example creatures are therefore not affected by humanoid-targeting spells.**

"Statistic," as a defined term, is spelled out on MM pp.6-11. The second element spelled out is "Type," of which both Celestial/Giant and Humanoid are instances. So which stays?

The Coautl's and Deva's shapechange abilities specify that they retain their statistics except for a few callouts which do not include Type. Since their Celestial Type is a statistic they retain it and are still Celestial while in humanoid *form*.

The Oni's shapechange ability specifies that the only statistic to change is Size. Since Type does not change, the Oni is still Giant while in humanoid *form.*

For completeness, the Quasit, Yochlol, Imp, Doppelganger, various weres, Mimic, Slaadi, Incubus/Succubus, Vampire, and various Yuan-ti are the other shapechangers in the MM. All shapechange with similar verbiage to one of the samples above, and so all retain their type.

**Bonus: some *Change Shape* without being shapechangers!**

Metallic Dragons' *Change Shape* ability does change type. Night Hags' and Lizardfold Shamans' *Change Shape* ability doesn't change their type.