It depends on what you and your group mean by "specialized." The system you propose is likely to give you characters with • and •• rankings in many Skills in their primary category — someone who is Mental Skills primary will know a little about almost everything, rather than a lot about one or two things, because of the ease and benefits of getting that first dot. (Going from -3 to +1 in a skill is a big increase, and the most value for your XP.)

Something that might work to give more focus is to **alter the cost of Skill Specialties**. You could do as you're doing now, making Specialties cheaper in your primary categories, or use the rules from *World of Darkness: Mirrors* to encourage people to stack them on the skills where they wish to focus.

I find that players don't spend a lot of time increasing attributes; your best bet there is to **limit the degree to which attributes can be raised after character creation** — perhaps no more than one or two dots from start. Going from a 1 to a 2 or three should be possible; from a 1 to a 5 stretches credulity.