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For questions about balance or perceived inequities between characters, classes, subclasses, spells, etc. that should be of roughly equivalent capability with one another.

No, it's not inherently unbalancing. In fact the lead answer in How to mitigate glass cannon syndrome in Pathfinder? recommends it as a way to reduce rocket-tag syndrome for damage-dealing with the do …
answered Feb 21 '14 by mxyzplk
Because monster CR is based on the utility of its powers given that it's going to live about one encounter, while the benefit of those powers to a PC that exists over many combats is different. This …
answered May 22 '17 by mxyzplk
/+5 (1d6+12/17-20 plus 1d6 cold) Special Attacks doublestrike, improved balance, twin blades Statistics Str 13, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 9, Wis 9, Cha 9 Base Atk +11; CMB +9; CMD 27 Feats Bleeding … ). Improved Balance -1 (Ex) Reduce the penalties for two-weapon fighting or count off-handed one-handed weapon as light. Piranha Strike -3/+6 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage …
answered May 11 '12 by mxyzplk
A More Gradual Power Curve In 2e (and 1e and Basic), though it's still a thing (by design) that fighter types are more powerful early in the game and wizards more powerful late in the game, it's less …
answered May 7 '15 by mxyzplk
worked out well. He still loves his snake, and it is very effective in certain situations, but also ends up being "left behind" in some cases or not participating effectively in some combats. So not broken, but he also doesn't regret his choice. Voila, balance. …
answered Apr 26 '11 by mxyzplk
Sure they help. First of all, the monk isn't designed to be better at a single thing than other classes, so expecting its DPR to match a fighter's is a false expectation and in my opinion the monk be …
answered Feb 27 '13 by mxyzplk
Well, that seems nice and colorful, just don't allow more than one such color ability per item, and put a flat GP cost rider on it (not a whole +1, in other words, a +250 gp or +10% or the like). Hav …
answered Feb 18 '11 by mxyzplk
I'd suggest you talk with that player and your other players about your group's desired playstyle. If you really want a game that tries to simulate reality, you should choose another game, Pathfinder …
answered Feb 10 '13 by mxyzplk
basically forget about the questions you're currently asking on this site, about how to perfectly balance CRs and stuff, and step back and look at the bigger picture of the story in the campaign. CR work …
answered Oct 8 '13 by mxyzplk
Let them work it out inside the game world. I find many issues like this resolve themselves when you stop metagaming and let the characters bump around in the fiction for a while. If they think they …
answered Mar 2 '11 by mxyzplk
There are several major mecha oriented RPG systems. The ones that may fit what you're looking for best are from Dream Pod 9 - their Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles lines (both based on the Silhouett …
answered Jan 24 '12 by mxyzplk
Somewhat First of all, as usual "imbalance" is what you make of it. If players in your game are having fun even though one's a "lowly tier 4" fighter and one's a "CodZilla," no amount of CharOp theo …
answered Mar 29 '15 by mxyzplk
That's way too vague a question. If you are building a BBEG, you can build them the way you want. You can make a 14th level character super effective or super ineffective in combat based on how much …
answered Jul 9 '15 by mxyzplk
Let me chip in with the blue collar guy's answer to this question, drawn from experience not theory. A rules option, character, gear, or other game element is "overpowered" if it gives you significan …
answered Feb 17 '13 by mxyzplk
I run a long term pirate game where the PCs run a pirate crew of some ~30 NPCs and occasional PCs of varying levels. Here's how we handle equipment in it. I want to preface this by saying we don't us …
answered Aug 13 '15 by mxyzplk