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For questions primarily about character creation (also: character generation or character design), the process of making a character whose role the player will assume. Character creation is about realizing the concept of the character within the options and rules of the RPG system.

I think in general, stick as close as possible to the stock elf - both because it's easier to balance but also because Drew Hayes based his main poison elf character off a D&D character of his in the …
answered Dec 11 '10 by mxyzplk
You don't have your hit points and skills calculated out so the answer is "maybe." Are the stats rolled or point buy, and if so which value? It's legal for a 20 point buy. I'm assuming you put your …
answered Jun 21 '14 by mxyzplk
It's impossible to determine from the information you give what "the" problem with the attribute auction is. There are certainly well known ways to try to game the system - they're even noted in its W …
answered Nov 30 '10 by mxyzplk
There are a couple ways to achieve the goal of having a swarmy-type PC. The first is the Swarm Monger druid archetype, which lets a druid wild shape into a swarm starting at level 12. Not the same as …
answered Dec 30 '18 by mxyzplk
Paizo has come to the rescue... The currently in progress Jade Regent Adventure Path is having characters travel to the Far East (Tian) regions of Golarion. Its free Player's Guide has recommendation …
answered Sep 8 '11 by mxyzplk
In Pathfinder, you choose a favored class when you create a character, and every time your character takes a level in that class he or she gets +1 hit point, +1 skill rank, or another race and class s …
answered Jan 25 '11 by mxyzplk
I tend to prefer DAS and tend to encourage it in games I run. GM Reasons: Some percentage of "DIPpers" are really using that as a cover for disinterest in any sort of character development, and I' …
answered Apr 28 '11 by mxyzplk
We struggled with this in one group until we decided it should largely be up to the players. The GM explained his general setting, and then challenged us to come up with some kind of central conceit …
answered Oct 2 '11 by mxyzplk
So You Want To Be A Stalwart Defender There is a Stalwart Defender class guide with generic guidance here. Your main problem is that if the campaign is capping out at around level 12, you're not goi …
answered Aug 17 '15 by mxyzplk
Not all Pathfinder groups are optimization focused. The Pathfinder devs, and also components of the Pathfinder play community, have had a little bit of backlash against the late 3.5 era high optimiza …
answered May 26 '17 by mxyzplk
First, to ride a griffon you just need to obtain one and ride it. You don't need a class feature besides skills. The griffon entry says: Before it can be ridden in combat, a griffon requires prac …
answered Oct 5 '14 by mxyzplk
The real answer is "whatever you want," of course. Gear selection is meant to be a collection of common sense (wear pants, get a weapon) and character flavor. And campaign type; you don't need tents a …
answered Feb 17 '14 by mxyzplk
Well, first of all, you don't need all the books and options - you can make a perfectly fine character using the Player's Handbook and you probably should for your first outing. Later, once you want …
answered Jun 28 '12 by mxyzplk
There is not (or at least should not be) a single answer to this. It depends entirely on the type of con game you are running. Pregen characters are there specifically to feed the scenario and to comm …
answered May 12 '11 by mxyzplk
I'm kinda surprised you didn't get any more on point answers. There's vast repositories of NPCs online and actually most adventures in 3.5-land come with pregens. Here's the d20 NPC Wiki, a big ol' …
answered Mar 31 '11 by mxyzplk

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