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For questions about items usable by a character, sometimes carried on their person.

Answer One I would rule that it is a masterwork scabbard, which is usually what, +50gp for normal equipment? If someone has some viridium I assume they could afford that. Lead is cheap but labor for …
answered May 17 '15 by mxyzplk
Yes, they count. I think this question and many of your other questions can be answered by the general rule of RPG systems. If the game doesn't say there's an exception, there's not an exception. Th …
answered Apr 3 '14 by mxyzplk
You can use a Sack tucked into your belt, which can hold 2 Bulk. (It's kinda like a large belt pouch.) You can use a Satchel over your shoulder, which can hold 2 Bulk. You can buy a slightly bigger …
answered Dec 1 '18 by mxyzplk
In 3.5e The only gear gods have listed in their possessions line in the 3.5e Deities and Demigods is zero or one iconic items, often a weapon but sometimes something else (like the crown of Thoth) th …
answered May 17 '15 by mxyzplk
satchel as a bandolier of darts because seriously, same thing. You could make up a Quiver, it's a playtest, it can't have every piece of equipment you'd ever want in it. And, of course, pick them back up after each combat. …
answered Dec 1 '18 by mxyzplk
You clearly have other problems, but to answer the question posed... You TPK them in a boss fight so they see that they needed better equipment. Oh wait, you did that! So fine, next set of …
answered Jul 31 '17 by mxyzplk
This doesn't exist in first party Pathfinder options Things that are kinda similar include: The armored kilt can be added atop other armor to increase the AC by 1; it also makes the armor one type h …
answered May 17 '14 by mxyzplk
All the usual equipment costs are in the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook in Chapter 5: Equipment. They can also be found online as part of the 5e System Resource Document. If you don't have … , you should ask them about normal equipment too, just because it's in the PHB at a certain price doesn't mean that necessarily holds in their game world.) …
answered Oct 24 '17 by mxyzplk
some answers saying "don't do this it's badwrongfun" but a game style where you sweat the equipment details is completely legit. Just make sure you care about the whole encumbrance/ammo/etc thing, you don't have to if you don't want to. …
answered Jan 19 '17 by mxyzplk
Looking at similar games with more published material, in Pathfinder there's a normal piece of adventuring equipment called a thurible, Price 50 gp; Weight 3 lbs. When filled with coal and …
answered Feb 11 '17 by mxyzplk
While the mythical and monstrous minotaurs are human-eating carnivores, the 5e playable minotaur race is taken from the Krynn (Dragonlance) minotaurs, which don't have their diet mentioned in their 5e …
answered Oct 9 '17 by mxyzplk