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For questions primarily about combat, the systems used in roleplaying games to resolve conflict through violent means, often to the death of one or more characters. Combat often involves several subsystems that determine whether harm is inflicted (to-hit) and the extent of that harm (damage).

This was a bug in the PHB wording of the rules. From Player's Handbook Errata: Ready (p. 193). You have until the start of your next turn to use a readied action. (Thanks to Can you forgo you …
answered May 28 by Peter Cordes
might not stop attacking, and reinforcements running toward the fight keep moving. I can't comment on whether it would actually be fun or a good idea to simulate a pause in combat for banter using DnD round mechanics, but RAW is very clear about a round being a fixed amount of time. …
answered Jun 1 by Peter Cordes