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For questions about Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, an RPG published in 2014 by Wizards of the Coast. D&D 5e is a heroic fantasy RPG inspired by the mechanics and settings of all previous D&D editions. It was previously code-named D&D Next during the playtest period.

5 votes

Is it possible for a Druid to defeat a Wizard?

Sure, anything is possible. You may need to use some strategies to bolster your chances but it is possible. Attempting to get right next to a wizard and cast spells when they have counterspell will pr …
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0 votes

Melee attack while hiding?

Possibly, it depends on your DM for a large portion of it though. Lightfoot halfling lets you use a medium sized creature to hide with the trait Naturally Stealthy. You can attempt to hide even w …
  • 1,553
14 votes

How much weight can the standard 50' rope hold?

This page shows various pound (force), expressed as lbf, for a hemp rope of given diameter to break. If we assume that hemp rope in D&D is constructed in similar ways then according to the chart a 1" …
  • 1,553
5 votes

Can I squish people with a wall of force?

Probably not, depends on DM fiat though. While a creature can squeeze into smaller area (SRD link). The rules suggest it is willing and not forced to squeeze into a smaller space. A creature can …
  • 1,553
8 votes

What possible issues should a DM keep in mind when including spells from SCAG and EE?

No issue really. While there is no issue with running a party of only spellcasters that build for melee combat it most likely would be odd to have four or five people do that. It may make combats fai …
  • 1,553
3 votes

What is "metal armor"?

It is more up to the DM and players to determine what they think is the cutoff for metal/non-metal. Generally speaking if you would look at something and see mostly metal pieces it would be consider …
  • 1,553
1 vote

Maximum possible Attack Roll bonus?

Since you added Bless and Bardic Inspiration to your original post if there is also a war domain cleric, presumably the one who cast bless, and is within 30ft of you, has it's reaction, and has uses o …
  • 1,553
4 votes

Should I use a d4 for unarmed strikes?

As a DM you can rule however you want. I've seen rulings as 1d2 or 1d3 even. But it does nullify some aspects. Large part of monk's starting class features Racial features like Tabaxi Improvised wea …
  • 1,553
15 votes

Can I cast Bestow Curse twice at greater than 5th level on the same creature?

No, the effects don't stack over the same duration According to the rule on combining magical effects (PHB, page 205), the effects of different spells add together but the effects of multiple instanc …
  • 1,553
27 votes

Can the Shield spell be used against Shocking Grasp?

Yes it does protect you from Shocking Grasp. Shield from the SRD. An Invisible barrier of magical force appears and protects you. Until the start of your next turn, you have a +5 bonus to AC, inc …
  • 1,553
6 votes

What happens if a creature is killed between its attack and damage rolls

This is a case of spells do what they say they do. And Armor of Agathys doesn't say it can prevent damage from attacks. Something like Shield can prevent attacks and spells that out. The monk's deflec …
  • 1,553
10 votes

Does the saving throw for a Solar's Slaying Longbow occur before or after the damage roll?

When reading the action block from left to right it follows this order: Target one item. Creature, object, building, whatever they are looking for. Assume creature for this scenario. Hit deals 2d8+6 …
  • 1,553
-2 votes

What class features work does a Runechild's Essence Runes feature apply to?

You would probably want to look back at the PHB as well. The metamagic options, and converting sorcery points to spell slots are both class features that should trigger this feature. Since I don't ha …
  • 1,553
0 votes

When a creature with non-magical flying speed is knocked prone and falls, how do I determine...

I haven't seen the full optional rule but prone doesn't reduce your speed. So if the optional rule is 1d6 for each 10ft of falling after their base fly speed you would calculate it like 0d6 for a crea …
  • 1,553
16 votes

Can my 2nd spell used with quickened spell not be a cantrip?

No. Quickened spell does not remove the limitation of casting a spell as a bonus action. What quickened spell does do is exactly as it says, taking a 1 action spell and making it a bonus action for t …
  • 1,553

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