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For questions concerned primarily with the passing of time in the game world or at the table. (For questions specifically about the duration of a spell or other effect in-game, use the [duration] tag; if the question is about the pacing and rhythm of the game, use the [pacing] tag.)

The AD&D 1st Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (Gray Box) is set at the start of 1358. The AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting box is set at the start of 1368. The D&D 3rd Edition …
answered May 25 by Yora
Use Group Initative The main thing that slows down combat is players not having paid attention to what was going on and being surprised when their turn comes up and they first need to get themselves …
answered Jun 5 by Yora
method used there is to divide all periods of time into average chunks of 10 minutes each. (Somewhat unhelpfully named "turns".) An encounter is assumed to take 10 minutes, which includes any pre … minutes. Random encounter rolls would also be made every 10 minutes. The idea here is not to be precise or realistic, but to track time at a degree of abstraction that is easy to use during actual …
answered May 16 by Yora