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For questions about items imbued with magic in some way, usually beneficial but occasionally detrimental, such as a cloak which renders the wearer invisible or a hammer which returns to its wielder when thrown.

It is clear removing either mention of hour gets you the same results -- Your #2. For 1 hour after drinking it, you gain 10 temporary hit points that last for 1 hour. Could be: For 1 hour …
answered Jul 22 '17 by J. A. Streich
Logistics We know the Bag of Devouring has similar dimensions to a Bag of Holding: This bag superficially resembles a bag of holding... Which means the opening is likely that of the Bag of Hold …
answered Oct 7 by J. A. Streich
The answer is No, despite the Sage Advice article others may quote out of context. Just being considered Magical isn't enough to count as a Magical Weapon. There is no doubt the jug is Magical, which …
answered Apr 26 '17 by J. A. Streich
The number remaining is the number of cards you declared you would draw, not the whole deck. That aside, I'll continue with exactly what the rules say, and don't say. You the draw the first card, what …
answered Jan 26 '17 by J. A. Streich
Effect is Not Necessary for Weapons You don't need it in 5e. You get one "free object interaction" per turn, but you can also spend your action doing a second object interaction. The SRD reads: …
answered Mar 21 '17 by J. A. Streich
That is DM's call based on how powerful you feel the effect is. Most spells that allow mind-control or behavior altering illusions are "save vs suck" (suggestion, phantasmal force, etc.) typically wi …
answered Sep 15 '16 by J. A. Streich
As Written The listing under the Arcane Focus heading in the equipment chapter reads: An arcane focus is a special item -- an orb, a crystal, a rod, a specially constructed staff, a wand-like len …
answered Aug 2 '16 by J. A. Streich
There are three questions to answer here. You are trying to argue around the rules, and complicating your question to do so. But the answers you are looking for are clear from the Player's Handbook. …
answered Nov 15 '18 by J. A. Streich
Order Matters The order of statements matters. Look at the rules for Darkvision in the various races: You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as …
answered Mar 20 '17 by J. A. Streich
No The spell you cast is wish, the effect is that of a lower level spell. This is Wish We're Talking About You could cast wish, and wish to store a spell into the ring of storing, but that isn't ju …
answered Jul 25 '18 by J. A. Streich
Rules as Written But what about spells, like Telekinesis? Telekinesis reads: Make an ability check with your spellcasting ability contested by the creature's Strength check. The rules on …
answered Aug 2 by J. A. Streich
What Jeremy Crawford Says Jeremy Crawford answered the question of what is running water. To the question: ... Is this only from natural running water, or any water that move? Jeremy answered: …
answered Mar 15 '17 by J. A. Streich
Raw Rings of storage capture a given levels worth of spells. Cantrips are considered level 0, so RAW, they couldn't be stored. Any creature can cast a spell of 1st through 5th level into the ring …
answered Jun 9 '16 by J. A. Streich
Seems you can just use the effects of a couple of spells. This sounds like one time use fireball: A bright streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within range and then blos …
answered Jun 3 by J. A. Streich
It works... It doesn't matter if it is a demiplane or not. Spells do what they say. The Spell doesn't say you have to be on a plane or demiplane for it work, it just says: If the target is nativ …
answered Mar 8 '18 by J. A. Streich

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