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For questions that are explicitly not restricted to any one particular system or rules, where the asker wants solutions to the question that are not directly tied to a game's mechanics.

13 votes

Rewards for a cancelled session?

The only time we ever got rewards was when it was cancelled due to most people being a no-show (as in, not telling the GM they wouldn't be there, just not showing up); the GM would give a small reward …
  • 5,374
2 votes

How do I encourage a GM to use the rules as written?

Sometimes, GMs do this out of fear that the system is not balanced and that using the rules as written will result in a "broken" game. Often this sentiment stems from a misunderstanding about the natu …
  • 5,374
3 votes
2 answers

Wraiths across multiple games

In a freeform game, I'm running a story involving a creature that subsides upon stolen energy obtained from draining the magical or life energy out of other creatures, particularly humans. Coming from …
  • 5,374
21 votes
11 answers

How to help players settle down and focus?

We have a weekly game in the evenings; however, we often don't start playing for a few hours after we get together, if at all. This has been exacerbated recently by other events with the same people b …
  • 5,374
2 votes

How to help players settle down and focus?

Putting on game-specific music and using candles for "mood lighting" have been suggested by one of the players involved. Maybe in the dimmer lighting, since we'll have to focus more to see things, our …
  • 5,374