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For questions about grappling — wrestling, or engaging in unarmed, nonlethal combat where the goal is often to incapacitate, restrain, or pin rather than kill one's opponent. Some systems may also refer to this as grabbing.

You Need To Move, Not Just Spin The rules for grappling describe how you can move a creature that you have grappled (PHB, p. 195): Moving a Grappled Creature. When you move, you can drag or carry …
answered May 22 '18 by Gandalfmeansme
Probably not much damage (and not much height) There are no rules for damage done by deliberately falling down on top of another enemy. A DM would have to make a ruling. It's quite possible that this …
answered Dec 23 '18 by Gandalfmeansme
grappled creature back and forth within your reach" isn't part of a grapple by RAW (if you wanted to do so, you'd need to Shove the creature). However, many of the results you mentioned could still be …
answered Aug 13 '18 by Gandalfmeansme
trying ensure the ghoul was not only inconvenienced but also trapped, he could have tried to both Shove the ghoul prone and Grapple it. For example, if he had the Shield Master Feat, he could use the … Attack action to grapple the ghoul (with a free hand), and then a bonus action to Shove the ghoul into the wall with your permission that this would mechanically make it prone. This would stop the ghoul …
answered Feb 4 by Gandalfmeansme
Crawford has (unofficially) confirmed this on twitter. Question: Say you grapple a target, and shove them prone. Does the grappler suffer any ill effects aside from action usage? RAW/RAI … strategy would do 12d6 damage from falls, and damage from one or two attacks (two on subsequent turns, one on the first turn where you used an attack to grapple). So that would mean on average you'd do …
answered May 12 by Gandalfmeansme