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For questions primarily centered around ethical and moral alignments in game systems. Please note that questions about "what alignment is [person/act/society X]?" are off-topic due to subjectivity; see for more details.

Let's forget cults, alignment, and player agency for a minute, and focus on your core theory question: Is a static character bad roleplaying? It depends: It's a question of Genre and Art There is a …
answered Mar 3 '15 by SevenSidedDie
No, they don't. The origin of the ethical system encoded in the alignment system is teleological: different moral approaches to reality exist because cosmic forces created them, and your alignment is … beyond 1st edition AD&D. Every edition after just held on to the idea alignments (which no longer indicate alignment with anything), with various tweaks to the specific list, because of tradition. No …
answered Jun 3 '15 by SevenSidedDie
Yes, and we can show this by a simple deduction from uncontroversial premises. However, we do need to add in one premise from your background to make it work, as it's relevant for the deduction to fun …
answered Jun 3 '15 by SevenSidedDie
The helm's description is the authority here: the PC will want to keep their new alignment. Let's look at why… The problem with that passage is that the Effects of Changing Alignment section is … breezily conflating players and player characters. The full section is about whether and when alignment-change XP penalties kick in. These changes depend on player desires, not PC desires, and the section …
answered Oct 7 '16 by SevenSidedDie
A Shadow Dragon is the same as the regular version of the dragon, but with the changes detailed under “Shadow Dragon Template” on page 84 of the Monster Manual applied to it. The template does not change alignment, so the alignment of a Gold Shadow Dragon is the same as that of a regular Gold Dragon. …
answered Sep 14 '15 by SevenSidedDie
design. The adventure even notes The whole point of this item is that merely touching it will forever ruin your goodness. Your alignment is likely to change, yes. This will affect the rest of …
answered Apr 3 '17 by SevenSidedDie
more nurture than nature in your world, you're free to ignore the alignment restriction. Otherwise, considering it a data point telling you something about dragons in that setting. …
answered Nov 19 '13 by SevenSidedDie
alignment extremes more.) On the Law-Chaos axis, they're identical. It's only their motives that are different. A CE character doesn't respect law or custom, and is entirely selfish. They're not stupid …
answered Nov 23 '12 by SevenSidedDie