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For questions about the warlock, a traditional character class in RPGs that learns and casts arcane magic through deals with supernatural forces.

Ultimately, the terms of a Warlock Pact have to be negotiated between the Player and DM Nominally speaking, your DM was right to shoot down your claim: this wasn't something you hashed out with the … DM, and by default Warlock Pacts don't mechanically insist on things like "you must sacrifice X people to keep your power" or other requirements. So until the DM decides that this is a thing in the …
answered Jun 10 by Xirema
Alignment in 5e has very few mechanical effects or consequences, which is a departure from previous editions of D&D. There are a few magic items that have alignment restrictions, but they usually have …
answered Jul 26 '18 by Xirema
Hex causes the chosen ability's checks to be made with Disadvantage, irrespective of whether the target has proficiency (or expertise!) in a skill with said ability or not. So you don't need to take p …
answered Dec 11 '18 by Xirema
RAW, Probably Yes The contention, of course, boils down to what constitutes a spell being on a given class' spell list, and whether or not that makes it a "X spell". The entry for Celestial Warlock … , where its additional spells are listed, has this to say: The Celestial lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the …
answered Oct 22 '18 by Xirema
then go on to decide that they want to allow a Pact of the Blade warlock to summon their Pact weapon in the form of this weapon, they would have to house rule the normal rules for Pact of the Blade, as neither of these things are the Rules as Written for the Pact of the Blade feature. …
answered Apr 22 by Xirema
A Misconception that needs to be cleared up Hex Warrior lets you use Charisma instead of the normal modifier for either your Hex weapon, or your Pact weapon. If you were to take the Improved Pact Wea …
answered Dec 13 '18 by Xirema
Hexblade warlock. The reason for this is that starting at level 5, you'll get to make three attacks per turn with your lone Hand Crossbow: 2 from the Thirsting Blade invocation, and 1 from the Bonus Action …
answered Dec 13 '18 by Xirema
No, Freedom of Movement does not counteract a Forcecage Freedom of Movement has five principle effects: Target is unaffected by Difficult Terrain Target cannot have their speed reduced [by magical …
answered Jun 13 by Xirema
Vampire are in separate planes of existence. * Of course, because no Warlock would ever attack their own friend, right? ;) …
answered Dec 27 '18 by Xirema
With no Invocations, Two Shortswords are best The rest of this post will detail the effect if you do take Invocations to improve DPR. If you don't, then all you need to know is that no matter your da …
answered Sep 24 '18 by Xirema
5th Edition doesn't have a [mechanical] distinction between Arcane and Divine spellcasting Each spellcasting class has different rules regarding what is allowed to be used as their spellcasting focus …
answered Mar 25 by Xirema
used as many times per long rest as 1 + your warlock level. And, if you're dissatisfied by the relatively low healing power of Healing Word, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the healing power of Healing Light is significantly more potent, if you're willing to use extra dice on each roll. …
answered May 17 '18 by Xirema
You can still cast spells while holding a Two-Handed Weapon When you look at the statblock for most two-handed weapons (I'll use a Greatsword as an example since it's the typical two-handed weapon), …
answered Nov 6 '18 by Xirema
4. None of the Above (But 1 & 2 are partly correct) Strictly speaking, in 5th edition D&D, nothing is simultaneous. If two events are simultaneous, they'll be resolved in some kind of order, as speci …
answered Dec 11 '18 by Xirema
Your Player is Probably Correct Empowered Spell requires only that the spell have at least one damage die, and that the player choose to expend a sorcery point on those dice. A few people here have …
answered Aug 17 '18 by Xirema

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