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For questions about things that grant players genie-style magic wishes.

off of a d100, which is an actual die, although they are hardly used, rolls like a golf ball, and are hard to read. You can follow the quote below for rolling for percentile. As far as Wish is … concerned, casting the spell other than just lower spell duplcation (8th or lower) you 1/3rd of dice results or 33% of not being able to ever cast it again. Wish is the mightiest spell a mortal creature …
answered Nov 9 '18 by XAQT78
Like with a Genie or Trickster, the results of a Wish are entirely up to the DM via example below: DM response: You now have a magical fishing rod, that’s indestructible, grants you tool … proficiency: Fishing Rod, with expertise in “Fishing”, that has a lure with the word “wish” on it which is enchanted with True Strike. DM makes a secret Zocchihedron roll: As you revel in your new …
answered Nov 9 '18 by XAQT78