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For questions about items imbued with magic in some way, usually beneficial but occasionally detrimental, such as a cloak which renders the wearer invisible or a hammer which returns to its wielder when thrown.

The javelin doesn't give any bonuses to hit or damage because the text doesn't say it does: things do what the rules say, if the rules don't say it it doesn't do it. When not using its lighting power …
answered Sep 4 '17 by Dale M
Others have addressed that swallowing the bead doesn't cause it to detonate, however, because its much more fun, let's assume that it does detonate. A fireball is not a chemical explosive There is n …
answered Nov 2 '17 by Dale M
The poor little misunderstood word can lies at the heart of this question. At its most basic can means has the ability/permission to - it does not say anything about whether the possessor of that abi …
answered Feb 21 '18 by Dale M
They both fall down A Bag of Holding is not a “portal” - it’s a bag. Albeit a bag that’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Something that’s half in and half out behaves the same way as …
answered Apr 22 by Dale M
There are four types of d20 rolls in 5e: Ability Checks, Saving Throws, Attack Rolls, Miscellaneous (everything else). The Stone of Good Luck gives its bonus to the first two - this includes death …
answered Jul 5 by Dale M
The item provides: Objects in the area that aren’t being worn or carried take this damage and are pushed automatically. Your small cave's walls get pushed away to accommodate the fortress. As f …
answered Jun 20 '17 by Dale M
In most legal traditions an item is owned by the person who created it and to those whom it was lawfully transferred. So, you have to go back through all the legal transfers of the item back to the or …
answered Jun 16 '17 by Dale M
In general, rules in D&D5 mean exactly what they say; no more, no less. The relevant parts of the description are (my emphasis): RING OF SPELL STORING Ring, rare (requires attunement) T …
answered Jun 17 '15 by Dale M
They have this in common: you must be a target of the spell, meaning the spell must target a creature, not an object or a point in space. "A spell's description tells you whether the spell targets c …
answered Oct 26 '16 by Dale M
Jump in and have a look The rules don't say so this is up to your DM. The easiest way to find out is climb in the bag and have a trusted friend let you out before you suffocate. By the way, your pla …
answered Jul 18 '16 by Dale M
Yes In D&D5 everything with a plus/minus stacks with every other thing with a plus/minus. Things that set a value do not stack with other things that set a value but do stack with things that give a …
answered Jun 17 '15 by Dale M
No, it doesn't make you almost unkillable. Yes, you are presenting it correctly. (I hate it when the question in the title and the one in the text have opposite answers!) As you say: The Periapt of …
answered Jan 5 '16 by Dale M
As written, it requires a standard action to activate/deactivate. While the flames do not hurt the wielder, it would be DM judgement if that extends to not burning your leather sheath or making your …
answered Jun 12 '17 by Dale M
No Fortification is not a bonus that is subject to the stacking rules - it is a magical effect and the rule here is that the most potent of overlapping magical effects prevails. I think some confusi …
answered Jan 10 '13 by Dale M
For you, one Your DM has decided the answer to this question in her game, other DMs may decide differently in different games. I can find nothing in either the rules on magic items or the rules of co …
answered Sep 23 '17 by Dale M

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