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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, published in 2014 by Wizards of the Coast. D&D 5e is a heroic fantasy RPG inspired by the mechanics and settings of all previous D&D editions. Previously code-named D&D…
× 5811
an RPG originally derived from the open licensed rules to Dungeons & Dragons v3.5. It was published by Paizo Publishing in 2009.
× 5139
Specific manifestations of magic that can be generically called "spells". Use [magic] for more generic questions about magic.
× 4610
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition, a revision of D&D Third Edition, published in 2003.
× 2624
Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition, published in 2008 (includes Essentials)
× 1717
Items imbued with magic in some way, usually beneficial but occasionally detrimental, such as a cloak which renders the wearer invisible or a hammer which returns to its wielder when thrown.
× 1341
The practical arts and methods applied to gamemastering.
× 1297
covers questions relating to either monstrous antagonists specifically, or all enemies of the player characters generally; which usage is correct varies depending on the traditions of specifi…
× 1291
about the logical interactions of a game's rules under a strictly literal reading. Not for questions about normal clarifications of the written rules. Answering rules questions…
× 1248
Questions about interpreting what a feat does or understanding specific feats, which are abilities of a character that provide small bonuses in specific circumstances in Dungeons and Dragons 3rd editi…
× 1131
Combat refers to the systems used in roleplaying games to resolve conflict through violent means, often to the death of one or more characters. Combat often involves several subsystems that determine …
× 1015
Character creation (also: character generation or character design) is the process of making a character whose role the Player will assume. Character creation is about realizing the concept of the cha…
× 832
powers or properties that are exclusive to a given class, for example the Cleric's ability to Turn Undead.
× 749
Equipment usable by characters to cause damage to other characters or creatures.
× 720
Abilities of characters that describe their capabilities in a range of areas.
× 688
Questions relating to Dungeons & Dragons as a whole, or to multiple versions of Dungeons & Dragons.
× 682
Questions pertaining to the positive aspects of character optimization (CharOp). For problems with negative issues or player problems around optimization, use the [powergaming] tag.
× 564
For questions about the nature of magic in a game. Use [spells] for questions on specific spells.
× 518
For questions about homebrewing new rules content for an existing system, this tag should be used when locally-created, non-published content is at the heart of the question. (Note that soliciting ide…
× 490
For questions about perceived inequities between characters derived from differences in capability.
× 468
Not related to any one particular system or rules. You want solutions to the question that are not directly tied to a game's mechanics.
× 452
A character who learns and casts arcane magic through study.
× 449
for questions pertaining to the D&D warlock class, in editions where it exists.
× 445
OFF TOPIC — DO NOT ASK RECOMMENDATION QUESTIONS. (Click “Learn more…” or “info” for details.) This tag exists only for historical reasons.
× 441
Published adventures, usually published by the creators of the particular system/setting, are official pre-made storylines/campaigns that include detailed descriptions of all relevant places, encounte…
× 430
Questions about how character and object movement works. Includes such things as how abilities, restrictions, or environment affect movement, and more.
× 430
small fan created additions and replacements to core rules in a rules set and this tag should be used when there are locally-created rules at the core of the question. In most cases, …
× 419
A character class associated with nature and nature-related magic.
× 416
For questions about damage, and the mechanics for receiving and inflicting harm or injury.
× 381
A fantasy martial artist, specializing in unarmed combat. Often a playable character class.
× 365
Identifies a deity-bound caster, a playable class. Clerics will have different restrictions and allowances based on their deity.
× 356
This question involves the rules that apply to taking a certain action in a specified system.
× 354
The practice of advancing more than one character class on a single character either simultaneously or serially.
× 353
For questions about games branded “World of Darkness”, including the original “old WoD” or “classic WoD” and the “WoD” reboot by WW/Paradox Interactive/Modiphius. Not for nWoD/CoD questions. See full …
× 350
Items usable by a character, sometimes carried on their person.
× 342
For questions about participants in an RPG who, for whatever reason, contribute to the difficulty of running the game.