A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions about Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, an RPG published in 2014 by Wizards of the Coast. D&D 5e is a heroic fantasy RPG inspired by the mechanics and settings of all previous D&D editions…
20355 questions
For questions about specific manifestations of magic that we generically call "spells." Use the [magic] tag for more generic questions about magic, and [spellcasting] for questions specifically about …
Pathfinder is an RPG originally derived from the open licensed rules to Dungeons & Dragons v3.5. It was published by Paizo Publishing in 2009. (For questions about the 2nd edition, use the tag [pathfi…
For questions about Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition, a revision of D&D Third Edition, published in 2003.
For questions about items imbued with magic in some way, usually beneficial but occasionally detrimental, such as a cloak which renders the wearer invisible or a hammer which returns to its wielder wh…
For questions about the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, published in 2008. This tag also covers the D&D Essentials line that debuted in September 2010.
2705 questions
covers questions relating to either monstrous antagonists specifically, or all enemies of the player characters generally; which usage is correct varies depending on the traditions of specifi…
For questions about interpreting what a feat does or understanding specific feats, which are abilities of a character that provide small bonuses in specific circumstances in Dungeons and Dragons 3rd e…
1953 questions
For questions that are centrally about class features, powers or properties that are exclusive to a given class, such as the Cleric's ability to Turn Undead in D&D. (See also: the [alternate-class-fea…
For questions about the practical arts and methods applied to gamemastering (GMing).
For questions primarily about combat, the systems used in roleplaying games to resolve conflict through violent means, often to the death of one or more characters. Combat often involves several subsy…
For questions primarily about character creation (also: character generation or character design), the process of making a character whose role the player will assume. Character creation is about real…
1340 questions
For questions primarily about weapons, equipment usable by characters to cause damage to other characters or creatures.
For questions relating to Dungeons & Dragons as a whole, or to multiple versions of Dungeons & Dragons. If your question is about a specific version of D&D, you probably should tag it with the corresp…
1030 questions
For questions about skills: abilities of characters that describe their capabilities in a range of areas, that typically progress with level.
1025 questions
For questions pertaining to the positive aspects of character optimization, often abbreviated as CharOp. (If dealing with player problems relating to optimization, use the [powergaming] tag instead.)
1007 questions
For questions about balance or perceived inequities between characters, classes, subclasses, spells, etc. that should be of roughly equivalent capability with one another.
For questions about damage, and the mechanics for receiving and inflicting harm or injury.
893 questions
For questions about how the movement of creatures and objects works. This includes such things as how abilities, restrictions, or the environment affect movement.
809 questions
For questions about a setting's in-world details or background.
806 questions
For questions about the warlock, a traditional character class in RPGs that learns and casts arcane magic through deals with supernatural forces. (See also the [eldritch-invocations] tag.)
For questions about the nature of magic in a game. Use [spells] for questions on specific spells, and [spellcasting] for questions specifically about the process of spellcasting.
788 questions
For questions about attacks. An attack is generally defined as an action to cause damage or some other debilitation, though specific RPGs may define the term more specifically.
787 questions
For questions about the wizard, a traditional character class in RPGs that learns and casts arcane magic through study.
761 questions
For questions primarily about published adventures. They are usually published by the creators of the particular system/setting, and are official pre-made storylines/campaigns that include detailed de…
748 questions
For questions relating to the process of casting spells within a game. Including, but not limited to: spellcasting mechanics, improving likelihood of success when casting a spell, interrupting the cas…
For questions about the druid, a common character class in RPGs that is associated with nature and nature-related magic.
676 questions
For questions involving the rules that apply to taking a certain action in a specified system.
649 questions
House rules are small fan-created additions and replacements to core rules in a rules set, and this tag should be used when there are locally-created rules at the core of the question. In most cases,…
628 questions
For questions about items usable by a character, sometimes carried on their person.
590 questions
In RPGs, a monk is often a fantasy martial artist that specializes in unarmed combat. The monk is often a playable character class.
588 questions
For questions about multiclassing, the practice of advancing more than one character class on a single character either simultaneously or serially.
575 questions
For questions about evaluating the viability of new rules content homebrewed for an existing system. This tag should be used when locally-created, non-published content is at the heart of the question…
For questions about the cleric, a playable deity-bound caster class in a number of RPGs. Clerics may have different restrictions and allowances based on their deity, though these often vary by RPG and…
554 questions
For questions about homebrewing new content for an existing system. This tag should be used when locally-created, non-published content is at the heart of the question. (Note that soliciting ideas for…
552 questions
For questions that are explicitly not restricted to any one particular system or rules, where the asker wants solutions to the question that are not directly tied to a game's mechanics.
533 questions
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