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How should a DM resolve a smooth-talking player with a weak Charisma score PC?

This is a delicate thing to pull off as a GM, because it involves finessing the subtle aspects of a player's agency vs the rest of the imagined world. The usual model of player agency is that the ...
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How can I reasonably prevent Manual of Bodily Health abuse?

The Feywild is a living place too and 100 years is a long time. Your party is burying the manual of bodily health in the Feywild with only the hope that in 100 years within the Feywild that nothing ...
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How do I handle players simply un-hiding and re-hiding after a poor Stealth roll?

Don't allow Stealth checks until there is a chance of failure This is the solution that is mentioned in your post-script. If a player is just trying to stealth in an empty field with no enemies ...
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How can I avoid problems that arise from rolling ability scores?

Option One: Non-Random Ability Score Generation Rather than giving up control of how powerful player characters are to the whims of fate, you can instead use systems that attempt to consistently ...
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What are the ramifications of changing Armor Class to be Constitution-based instead of Dexterity-based?

Nerfs dex classes, buffs everyone else Well, let's start with the obvious. A rogue will usually try to hit 20 dex, so this change will give them -5 AC. Due to bounded accuracy that's a huge nerf. ...
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How to deal with an overpowered player whose level 1 stats are 18's and 19's, with a 25 in strength

They misunderstood the rules for score generation. Step 3 of the rules for step-by-step character creation tell you how to determine your ability scores: Roll four 6-sided dice and record the total ...
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How do I handle players simply un-hiding and re-hiding after a poor Stealth roll?

You're missing the most important part of the Hiding rules. The DM decides when circumstances are appropriate for hiding. The players can propose hiding in a particular way but the DM has ...
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Does a PC know the general strengths and weaknesses of their stats?

Honestly, it depends. If we're talking vague things like "he is/isn't charismatic", it would depend on his personality. For example, Johnny Bravo thinks he has high Charisma. He doesn't, but he was ...
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How should a DM resolve a smooth-talking player with a weak Charisma score PC?

From the description of Charisma in the Basic Rules: Charisma measures your ability to interact effectively with others. It includes such factors as confidence and eloquence, and it can represent a ...
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Is there any reason to pick an odd number for Constitution?

By itself, an odd number in an ability score does not offer any bonus to modifiers (13 is no better than 12). However, it does allow the character to increase it's bonus easier when they have the ...
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Death by leveling? The effects of 0 max HP and leveling with negative CON

You're not gonna die when you level With the following release of PHB errata it has been clarified that you will gain a minimum of 1HP when you level: add the total (minimum of 1). This new rule ...
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Can I increase an ability score above 30?

Ability scores cannot go over 30 Rules As Written (RAW) and Rules as Intended agree. RAW The PHB defines a general rule which says that the ability score maximum is 30. A score of 18 is the highest ...
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How is it possible to have an ability score that is less than 3?

Ability scores can decrease. See, for instance, the shadow and its strength drain ability. Even with score-generation methods that floor scores at 8, it'd only take two drains to threaten a PC with a ...
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Is it unbalanced to allow a player to move the tiefling's +1 Int bonus to a different ability score?

This is exactly what is suggested in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything In the section "Customizing Your Origin" (TCoE, p. 7), there is a subsection on Ability Score Increases: If you’d like ...
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How will ability scores be unbalanced if I remove the 20 cap?

Casters become much stronger The largest problem I foresee is Save DC. By RAW, Save DC is soft-capped at 19. 8 + Proficiency + Ability. Without the 20 cap, that goes to 24 or more, raising the save ...
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What is the narrative difference between a Charisma and Wisdom saving throw?

It's unclear but... Looking at the definitions provided for Wisdom and Charisma on the abilities page, there is not a clear definition of saving throws listed for the abilities. Wisdom Wisdom ...
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Considerations for assigning Constitution buff within the party

Rather than looking at the static details of the character sheets, I'd look at the actual in game results. So don't ask "Who has the fewest HP?" or "Who gets hit the most?", but ...
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Which ability is most related to insanity: Wisdom, Charisma, Constitution, or Intelligence?

Insanity is most related to the Sanity score. Chapter 9 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide contains optional rules for implementing Sanity as a seventh ability score: Consider using the Sanity score if ...
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Is Dexterity overpowered compared to Strength?

It's not as overpowered as you might think, depending on your class choice. The AC bonus only helps with light and medium armor. If you were a fighter, you could have full plate on which makes your ...
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Does the Thrown property mean I can attack with my DEX?

Not quite Weapons with the Thrown property can use their normal (i.e. melee) modifier when being thrown. Using a Finesse weapon allows using DEX, but melee weapons without the Finesse property would ...
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How can I reasonably prevent Manual of Bodily Health abuse?

Maybe the Feywild doesn't always run time that fast There's a table in the DMG which has results anywhere from "days [in the feywild] become minutes" to "days [in the feywild] become ...
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Why are Clerics and Druids Wisdom-based?

Wisdom: Prime Requisite versus Spell Casting Ability The thing that originally made Clerics different was the prime requisite being the Wisdom score. Druids, being a sub-class of Cleric, were along ...
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At what point does a character's INT drop far enough to lose sentience?

Spell texts seem to suggest that the limit for sentience is 3. The description of Intelligence in the definition of ability scores says that 3 is the usual minimum for PCs (PHB 7): The abilities ...
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How do I determine if a creature is too intelligent to be a controlled mount?

There are no rules, but Int 3 seems like a dividing line in 5e The following spells seem to treat Int 3 or less as unintelligent: Animal Messenger: "If the beast's Intelligence is 4 or higher, the ...
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Are racial stat bonuses every level or just once at creation?

Racial ability score adjustments are only added once at character creation. The Player's Handbook is explicit about how ability scores improve. The ability score improvement class feature says: ...
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How is it possible to have an ability score that is less than 3?

Monsters can have lower ability scores than player characters, and the same table can be used for their attribute modifiers. You can see several examples in Appendix D of the PHB. A few selecions: ...
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How can I use Charisma instead of Strength or Dexterity for weapon attacks without being a Hexblade warlock?

One niche method of doing this is the shillelagh cantrip The shillelagh spell states: The wood of a club or quarterstaff you are holding is imbued with nature's power. For the duration, you can use ...
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Are the Storm Giant's strength scores in the Monster Manual wrong?

Storm Giants are Huge creatures, not Medium. The encumbrance rules neglect the size of a creature when calculating if it is encumbered or heavily encumbered. While this is true, the maximum capacity ...
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How can I shoot a bow using Strength instead of Dexterity?

All I could find that might work was one specific weapon from Waterdeep There is a weapon in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist module (p. 201) whose description includes (Spoiler Alert!): Presumably this ...
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What is the narrative difference between a Charisma and Wisdom saving throw?

They are not "both willpower". They're as different from one another as they are from a DEX or STR save. I know that's blunt, but it's an important lead-in to any answer to this question. ...
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