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What does upper-case-A-Attack action vs. lower-case-a-attack mean?

The "Attack action" is a specific action; attacks are anything with an attack roll. What is the Attack action? The "Actions in Combat" section of the Player's Handbook (PHB, page ...
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Is it possible to cast multiple spells per turn?

You were quoted the rules incorrectly. First, Eldritch Blast has a casting time of 1 action (PHB p.237). You've only got one action on your turn, so you can only cast Eldritch Blast once. ("Off ...
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Can an unconscious person drink a potion?

Your players are right. An unconscious character can consume a potion administered by another player. This ruling is held up by the Sage Advice Compendium (p. 21): Can potions be administered to ...
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Does a fighter's Action Surge trigger Extra Attack?

Yes, a fighter gets their extra attack when using action surge Action surge gives you an extra action on your turn: On your turn, you can take one additional action on top of your regular action and ...
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Can a weapon be "unsheathable"?

Realistically, weapons too large or unwieldy to sheathe were simply carried in-hand until they were used. Realistically, anyone wielding one had a sidearm sheathed on their hip, as well—which is what ...
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Does The Amazing Lightspeed Horse work, RAW?

No. The Amazing Light Speed Horse™ cannot move an infinite distance (And what distance it does move without taking the dash action is at a speed of at most movement per round, and with the dash action ...
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How to get more Bonus Actions?

No, there are no ways to gain an additional bonus action. Note that I didn't say no others - the Haste spell doesn't give you one either. Until the spell ends, the target [...] gains an additional ...
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If you use two Scimitars of Speed, do you get 2 bonus action attacks?

No. You can only ever take one bonus action on a turn. The scimitar of speed lets you use your bonus action to make an attack, regardless of what you do with your action: In addition, you can make ...
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What happens if a caster is surprised while casting a spell with a long casting time?

The caster continues casting the spell. Taking the same quotes from @Xirema's answer, we have the following for casting spells with a long casting time: Certain spells (including spells cast as ...
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Is drawing an arrow from a quiver an item interaction?

Drawing an arrow from a quiver is part of the action of attacking with a longbow Longbows (and all ranged weapons that fire projectiles) have the ammunition property which says: Drawing the ...
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Do you start combat with your weapon drawn when combat is not expected?

There are no specific rules vis-à-vis how a character starts combat. D&D5E attempts to avoid that kind of specificity when basic logic and reasoning will do: If the character is hanging out in a ...
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Can I Ready an action to Disengage?

There's nothing in the Ready action description that would prevent readying Disengage. When you ready an action you: decide what perceivable circumstance will trigger your reaction. Then, you ...
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What happens if a caster is surprised while casting a spell with a long casting time?

Rules as Written, the Spellcaster would lose the spell This is relatively straightforward. The rules for spellcasting state unambiguously that a caster casting a spell with a long casting time must ...
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How does the Ready action work?

Your Turn On your turn, you can move and perform an action. The ready action is, as you point out, an action like any other. This means that on your turn you can move and take the ready action. The ...
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Is there a better technique to handle the lag between cause and effect?

Treat turns as simultaneous To ensure better coordination, the DM might describe turns as simultaneous (they are, apparently). Example 1. The cleric casts Turn Undead. The DM says, which undead were ...
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How many bonus actions can I take?

You only get one Per page 189 in the PHB, You can take only one bonus action on your turn, so you must choose which bonus action to use when you have more than one available.
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If a character is stunned but still has attacks remaining, can they still make those attacks?

I would say that Alex can no longer finish their turn, as they are immediately Stunned and therefore incapacitated. Stunned A stunned creature is incapacitated (see the condition), can’t ...
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Can you cast a bonus-action spell, then Ready a leveled spell on the same turn?

No, because the Ready Action requires you to cast the spell as normal and then hold it, releasing it with your reaction later. You are using your action to cast the spell on your turn. PHB pg. 193 ...
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Can Lay on Hands be used to both heal hit points and remove diseases/poisons with the same action?

Unfortunately not. RAW, the use of Lay on Hands is heal HP, or cure disease. The keyword in the phrase is "alternatively" (emphasis mine). Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from ...
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Can a Goodberry not be administered to an unconscious creature?

By RAW, you may not be able to administer a goodberry - by RAI, you most certainly can A very strict RAW reading would conclude that in order to gain the benefit of a goodberry, the consuming ...
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Would allowing a Thief (with Fast Hands) to use the Healer feat's tending action as a bonus action be balanced?

I don't believe allowing this would even be a house rule, the rules support it as-is. The action enabled by the Healer feat is just a new use for an object and, therefore, is still technically the Use ...
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Which uses of Bonus-Action spellcasting are legal?

The table is entirely correct Action Surge does not interact in any way with the bonus-action spell rule (other than being limited in the same way as other spells if you use a bonus action spell). ...
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Are there any mechanical issues with removing the concept of "triggers" for readied actions?

It probably doesn't break the game. Ready actions that fail aren't (or shouldn't be) so enormously common that this is going to seriously change the game. At worst, this makes readied actions slightly ...
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What does upper-case-A-Attack action vs. lower-case-a-attack mean?

Capitalization is a red herring: the real distinction is between "attack" and "Attack action". Both of the answers from nitsua60 and Medix2 are correct regarding the nature of the distinction. ...
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Do ability checks in combat require an action?

Often, but not always Many ability checks in combat require Actions, and many Actions require ability checks. Unambiguous cases are spelled out in the section on Actions in Combat (PHB, p. 192-193). ...
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If a Spell has a casting time of 1 minute, what part of the caster's action economy would it take up if it was cast in combat?

You have to concentrate to maintain the spell, and spend your action each turn casting the spell Longer casting times are noted in the PHB and Basic rules. I'll quote the relevant text from D&D ...
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Can a Circle of the Moon Druid still use Wild Shape as an action?

The phrase "gain the ability" means that it doesn't replace anything. In addition to your previous ability to wild shape as an action, you now also have the ability to wild shape as a bonus action. ...
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Does the Spiritual Weapon spell take a bonus action or an action to use?

This is a little confusing. You only ever get one bonus action on a turn — but this spell lasts a minute, which is ten turns. So, you can attack once with spiritual weapon as part of the casting — ...
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Can a Rogue effectively triple their speed by combining Dash and Ready, spreading it over several turns?

Yes, and they don't need to ready an action to do it Say their movement is 30ft. They expend their movement for 30ft, use their action to Dash for an extra 30ft, then Bonus action to Dash again with ...
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Can I cast Darkness in my mouth so I can turn it on/off each round without having to use an action?

This Would Not Work ...but not because of the way the Darkness spell works. This wouldn't work because of an issue with the way combat happens. Combat is taken in turns, but it doesn't actually ...
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