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How to explain Bard getting College education suddenly?

Bardic Colleges are not modern Colleges. A "college education" means something specific in the modern world: it means that someone has gone to a specific kind of educational institution to get a ...
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What are the official, WotC-published classes and subclasses in 5e?

Sources: Basic Rules (BR), Chapter 3: Classes System Reference Document (SRD), p. 8-55 (Note: D&D Beyond's "Basic Rules" listing is actually an inclusive combination of the Basic Rules ...
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Are Moon Druids overpowered at levels 2-6? If so, by how much?

Your analysis is correct but one sided You have accurately pointed out many of the advantages of the Moon Druid. It is true that it is one of, if not the strongest subclass in the game. But you have ...
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Is using stunting and pranks to gain advantage instead of stealth mechanically sound?

TL/DR: No go. You're asking for the benefits of other rogue subclasses and of higher level abilities. No, it is not mechanically sound. The hit-and-fade rogue combat style doesn't require any special ...
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What is the source of the powers of an oathbreaker?

It's a common misunderstanding of paladins to think that they draw their powers from a deity, but in 5e1 , this is a flavor thing. (If they drew their powers directly from a god, after all, they would ...
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How does a Swashbuckler rogue "fight with two weapons while safely darting away"?

The next paragraph reads When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you learn how to land a strike and then slip away without reprisal. During your turn, if you make a melee attack against a ...
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Is this "School of the Wyrm" wizard subclass I found balanced?

This is unbalanced and badly designed The second level feature of this gives you the option to cast any spell from a cleric or druid spell list. There's no need to look at any of the other features: ...
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Possible issues of a player switching Bard archetypes randomly with long rests?

Mechanical complexity Even playing a normal caster, the mechanical complexity of the spell library is not trivial to manage. With the subclass swapping, one'd effectively be doubling the difficulties ...
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Is this "Ronin" Fighter Subclass balanced

@Dale M already gave the punch line, however I believe it is worth going into more details so as to give you material to review the class. In spirit, your Martial Archetype is close to the Battle ...
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Can you take different archetype options at different levels?

Short answer, you're locked in. You can only choose one archetype per class, and there are no current rules that allow you to pick-and-choose features from different archetypes. If you want to ...
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Can an Oathbreaker Paladin reform and choose a different Paladin subclass?

Ask your DM Page 97 in the Dungeon Master's Guide defines the Oathbreaker. It also has an inset titled "Oathbreaker Atonement". It starts off with If you allow a player to choose the Oathbreaker ...
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Is it necessary to have archetypes for a homebrew class?

Necessary? No, but... No, it is not necessary; a class will certainly function and be playable without any archetypes. For any one character, it won’t really even be noticeable. The purpose of ...
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Is this Way of the Unmastered Monk Subclass overpowered? If so, by how much?

This subclass is riddled with problems and is too strong This homebrew has a lot of problems that aren't really things you'd expect to see in an official class, and several of them are a lot stronger ...
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Is the Glamour College Bard's Mantle of Inspiration Overpowered?

A few things impact this... You're meant to use this a lot. Your Mantle of Inspiration is a parallel to a Lore Bard's cutting words, a Valor Bard's Combat Inspiration, and so on. This is your sub-...
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How to explain Bard getting College education suddenly?

To supplement Icyfire's existing (very good) answer: While that is not written down in the rules as such, I have always assumed that new abilities gained on a level-up don't just appear from nothing ...
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Can a Druid change Druid circles?

No, not under the standard rules There are no rules in the books to change your class features. A druid selects their Druid Circle at level 2, but there's no rule that says they may change it later. ...
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Can a character acquire multiple archetypes from the same class?

Using the books' rules, no, you can't. You can only choose your archetype once, when you achieve that level (e.g. 3rd lvl Fighter). The only way to get another archetype would be leveling the same ...
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What are the restrictions on the use of Slayer's Prey?

Restriction 1: It is a bonus action As a bonus action... You can only take one bonus action per turn, so you can use this ability at most that often. Restriction 2: It only works on one creature at ...
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Overlapping Proficiencies From Leveling?

As the Background section about Proficiencies (PHB p.125) says, If a character would gain the same proficiency from two different sources, he or she can choose a different proficiency of the same ...
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Can I have a subclass for each class when multiclassing?

Yes, you get a subclass for each class Gaining a subclass is one of your class features (gained somewhere between 1st and 3rd level, inclusively). When multiclassing, you gain all class features of ...
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Is the unofficial Arcane Puppeteer subclass balanced in relation to official subclasses?

It is unbelievably broken, will be a nightmare to DM, and will almost certainly create unnecessary conflict with the other players at your table. Let's start by examining the worst offender in the ...
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Possible issues of a player switching Bard archetypes randomly with long rests?

No exploits, but many disadvantages As long as it is really random each morning, there is not much to exploit. Even if he picks one each morning, it is just a tiny bit stronger than a usual bard. ...
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How exactly do the rules on changing your subclass from "Tasha's Cauldron of Everything" work?

"The DM might..." These are not rules in the traditional sense. These are suggestions a DM might use to facilitate a subclass change in their game. Under "Training Time", we see (...
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Is this homebrew "Pact with the Factory" a balanced warlock subclass?

Flavor: don't use animal abuse as a theme. In the Pact of the Chain flavor description, you wrote: Pact of the Chain: Because the Factory seeks to subjugate all things, you can have any type of ...
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Sorcerer Origins Vs Archetypes

D&D Wiki did to you what it does best: Confused new players. There are 5 official Sorcerer's "archetypes"/Origins on D&D 5e: Draconic Ancestry, Wild Magic, Favoured Soul, Shadow Magic and ...
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Zero Cost High-Level Snares

You Can't Craft Beyond Your Level To Craft an item, you must meet the following requirements: The item is your level or lower. An item that doesn't list a level is level 0. If the item is 9th level ...
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I need a set of simple steps to make a new subclass

If you're inexperienced, I'd recommend holding off on homebrew I'm going to present a challenge to your question rather than exactly what you're looking for. Homebrewing isn't easy. It's not to say ...
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Does the Drakewarden's Drake have to increase in size at lv7 and lv15?

The rules say it does You quoted the rules correctly. At 7th level, the drake grows to Medium, and at 15th it grows to Large. Work it out with your DM What matters is your game. You can discuss with ...
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Does the Fighter Dedication require Strength AND Dexterity, or Strength OR Dexterity?

Fighter Dedication requires Strength AND Dexterity The prerequisites for Fighter Dedication are: Prerequisites Strength 14; Dexterity 14 Feats that have prerequisites that are satisfied by an OR ...
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Do you need a magical bow or arrow for Arcane Shot?

It's an error; you shouldn't need to obtain magic arrows Jeremy Crawford (5e's lead rules developer) sent out a tweet about this issue last month saying: The Arcane Shot feature unfortunately ...
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