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Could this possibly be Wizards, Warriors, and You, a series from the mid-80s by RL Stine? You choose between reading as the Wizard (with spells) or the Warrior (with equipment).


An excellent reference is Damien's Gamebook Site. There were a number of gamebooks produced by TSR. The only one I played was the Druid vs Mage one, which could also be played solo. They had D&D style character sheets in them. These were part of the 1 on 1 Adventure series. Your book is probably in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebooks ...


Given the character sheet elements, you might be referring to the Fighting Fantasy series, by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. They weren't set in D&D universes, and were not licensed by TSR, but they did typically use a fantasy theme. The other possibility is that you're remembering a series called Endless Quest, originally released under TSR and set ...

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