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Erik's answer gives a very good breakdown of CR for your hydra, but here's an alternative version of the ability: Frost Breath (Recharge 5–6). The hydra exhales an icy blast from each head in a 30-foot cone. Because, if nothing else, keeping track of the recharge for each head will be annoying for you as a DM. As the Dragon's Breath spell is a 15-foot ...


Probably between CR 9 and 14 depending on how clever your Hydra is - assuming you bring the save DC to 16, more in line with expectations. The Hydra is a tricky beast to figure out balance for, due to its unreliable number of heads. However, if we look at the stats compared to the table, it seems that at least the base stats (ignoring the Multiple Heads ...


The entire Hydra is affected, but it can activate the spell only once per turn and can only make one cone at a time A Hydra (or any monster) has only one action per turn and nothing in its statblock somehow grants it multiple actions. Creating a cone using dragon's breath is its own action as the spell requires a creature to "use an action to exhale energy"....


The breath attack of a dragon is magic by the rules (general dragon statblock even says so and it was noted as such in prior editions as well), thus stopped. It only isnt stopped if you homebrew/rule as per SA instead of rules as written.

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