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Some things are missing. Race It's not clear what type of gnome this character is. Based on your ability scores, it seems to be either Forest Gnome (+2 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity) or Rock Gnome (+2 Intelligence, +1 Constitution). This choice should grant racial traits in addition to Darkvision and Gnome Cunning. Either would suggest that your ability ...


Numbers Your dexterity modifier should be +2, not +1. Your AC should be 13 (15 while wearing the shield), not 12. Your initiative should be +2, not blank Your saving throws should be modifiers, both should be +4. Your passive perception should be a flat 14, not a +14 modifier. You should have 5 gold, not 15. Race It's unclear what kind of gnome you are (...


I don't see why people dont just convert Book of vile darkness from 3.5 to 5th, and the original Lich write ups. It's not that complicated, just a lot of levels in wizard or warlock and good planning

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