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Can I use Extra attack to cast two spells

PHB, Pg 193 ATTACK The most common action to take in combat is the Attack action, whether you are swinging a sword, firing an arrow from a bow, or brawling with your fists. With this action, you make ...
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Can a Pyromancer Sorcerer deal fire damage to a creature under the effect of Invulnerability?

No. Fiery Soul has no effect on immunity to unspecified damage types. Fiery Soul allows you to treat resistance to fire damage as if it didn't exist, and it allows you to treat Immunity to fire damage ...
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Are features that allow −5 to attack to get +10 to damage mathematically advantageous?

The higher average damage per round is not necessarily the better option. For example, your normal damage is 1d8+4, you need to roll a 12+ on d20 to hit an enemy with 15HP. This point buy calculator ...
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Channel Divinity: Artisan's Blessing + Crafting an Item = Time?

Not as written, but this might be a fine houserule As the rules are written, using Artisans blessing would not speed up crafting, unless you can create the entire item in one go with it. But talk with ...
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