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What level would this homebrew Comatose spell be?

This spell is more powerful than almost any other spell in 5e, and thus should not be allowed in its current state With the exception of wish, this might be the most powerful spell in the game if ...
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My player characters seem very weak, have I done something wrong?

Although the CR / encounter XP / difficulty numbers in the DMG are not infallible, they are useful as general guidlines. Lets take a look at the giant encounter! Stone giants (MM 156) are CR 7 / ...
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How can I have low-level 5e necromancer NPCs controlling many, many undead in this converted adventure?

Frame challenge ahead (you have been warned)! if the bad guy can do it then so can the players, given enough time and resources. This is a very un-5e thing to say - it looks very 3e to me. 5e ...
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How can I adapt GURPS 4e materials to D&D 5e?

At the risk of answering the question before it has been clarified... No. Seriously, you have several uphill battles: Classes/levels versus skills and advantages/disadvantages -- leveling up is ...
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Can I run AD&D's Tomb of Horrors in D&D 5E?

Yes you can: it has now been published as a D&D 5e module. Tomb of Horrors is one of seven modules from previous editions recently released in "Tales From the yawning Portal" published by Wizards ...
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How can I convert the AD&D "Bee" cantrip to D&D 5e?

Consider using the Infestation cantrip from Xanathar's Guide to Everything From the spell: You cause a cloud of mites, fleas, and other parasites to appear momentarily on one creature you can see ...
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Are these homebrew attempts at recreating the Isaac's Missile Storm spells from NWN2 balanced for 5e?

It's most likely too strong and inherently problematic It deals a lot of guaranteed force damage Let's compare the level 6 version to a spell that's pretty similar, Disintegrate. They are both spells ...
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How can I combine very different role-playing systems with D&D 5e?

Don't Do It I'm planning on making a D&D 5e campaign for my friends so they can experience what an okay DM is like If this is your goal, then keep the game simple. Attempting to add all those ...
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What problems could E6 introduce when used for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition?

Standard E6 is fundamentally D&D 3.5 capped at level 6, with further progression by feats only. This resolves a lot of mechanical problems specific to D&D 3.5 at higher level: combat becomes ...
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Porting dragon subdual rules from AD&D 1e to D&D 5e?

Subduing in 1st Edition In AD&D (1st Edition), the rules for subduing a dragon were found in the Monster Manual I, under the DRAGON entry: Subduing a Dragon: An attack on a dragon to subdue, ...
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How can I have low-level 5e necromancer NPCs controlling many, many undead in this converted adventure?

I see two broad options, one of which is a bit of a frame-change. First, the frame change: most undead - especially low-level undead like zombies and skeletons - were mindless in previous editions of ...
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How can I have low-level 5e necromancer NPCs controlling many, many undead in this converted adventure?

Make a high level wizard that behaves as a low level wizard There is one characteristic about wizard that are common through every D&D game, they are extremely squishy, especially if they are ...
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How can I convert the AD&D "Bee" cantrip to D&D 5e?

Using Infestation is definitely a good idea, but if you insist on making it a spell of its own for comedic effect, I would personally do something like this. Summon Bee Conjuration cantrip Casting ...
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How to convert Pathfinder's sailing rules?

You probably could, but you don't really need to. D&D 5e has rules for sailing on pages 117-119 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.
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How do you use D&D Next NPC statistics lacking classes (e.g. in "Murder in Baldur's Gate") with 5e?

NPCs don't have classes Only PCs have classes. NPCs have a statblock that fully encompasses everything they are capable of. They may have features in common with PC classes, but they may have extra ...
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How to mechanically implement enemies with single vulnerable points?

In a purely mechanical way of answering the question: If you're playing on a battle map where the creature has a definitive size, you could consider making one of the tiles the creature occupies the &...
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How do I convert the DC of a check from AD&D 2E to 5E?

Your best bet is to rebuild the hazard from scratch using the 5e rules. Wizards, when they first published 5e, also released a handy Conversion Guide, with details about converting characters, ...
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How can I have low-level 5e necromancer NPCs controlling many, many undead in this converted adventure?

The simplest solution I have found whenever I need an NPC to be able to act outside of the normal rules governing their class and level is by the expediency of a customized magic item. As a matter of ...
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How can I convert characters from Pathfinder to D&D 5e?

The general conversion method is, find similar races & classes in 5e, and create a character from scratch, using them. There are many differences between 3.5e and 5e. Since PF is based on 3.5e, ...
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Is there a useful guideline to convert AD&D 1e monsters to the D&D 5e system?

Wizards of the Coast Released a PDF on this topic In the October 2015 Rules reference, WoTC released a PDF that was designed to help the conversion of older editions to 5e; both monster statistics and ...
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How to convert a 4e boss to the 5e system?

Conversion is hard. Converting characters/monsters between editions is hard. Converting between 4e and 5e is especially hard. One of the primary focuses of 4e, if not the the primary focus, was ...
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How to mechanically implement enemies with single vulnerable points?

Reskin normal combat Follow the PHB that states on p. 196 Hit points represent a combination of physical and mental durability, the will to live, and luck. Creatures with more hit points are more ...
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Can I use the D&D 5e Monster Manual with Pathfinder?

Not directly, no. Pathfinder and 5e work on very different rulesets, including different methods of calculating attack, defense, and damage values, and different expectations of the PCs capabilities. ...
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Power adjustments needed for D&D 5E characters facing Pathfinder NPCs?

You basically can't For a simple comparison: the D&D 5e Tarrasque has 25 AC, 3 more than the second best AC monster. PF's Tarrasque has 40 AC. Due to the bounded accuracy of D&D 5e your ...
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Is Pathfinder 2e compatible with Pathfinder 1e, and D&D 3.5 and 3rd edition?

Mechanically, Pathfinder 2e is a completely different system. Even the things that share the same name are different enough that you can use basically nothing from 3.5e or Pathfinder beyond the ideas ...
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How can I combine very different role-playing systems with D&D 5e?

Run one-shots. I would heavily advise against trying to blend game mechanics from two different systems together, aside maybe from AD&D which at least shares a rough power parallel. You can't run ...
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How do I adapt characters from past editions to 5E?

There's an official guide published by Wizards of the Coast on converting material from previous editions of D&D to 5e, though WotC don't exactly make it easy to find thanks to the awful site ...
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How can I convert the AD&D "Bee" cantrip to D&D 5e?

I'd do it like this -- not too over-complicated: Bee Summoning Casting Time: Bonus Action Range: 30' Components: V,S,M (flower) Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute, or until it stings a creature ...
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What level would this homebrew Comatose spell be?

At least 9th, definitely above 8th This spell is strictly more powerful than the 8th level spell, Power Word Stun: A creature you can see is stunned if it has 150 hit points or less. Otherwise, ...
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What are the barriers to running a published adventure from an earlier edition in the 5e system (assuming that this is possible)?

There aren't many barriers! Many adventures published during the older editions of D&D are still useful for DMs of the fifth edition, mainly because the overall base of monsters and treasures ...
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