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How does Magical Inspiration interact with Magic Missile

You add it once to the damage. As you noted, Magical Inspiration says (emphasis added): If a creature has a Bardic Inspiration die from you and casts a spell that restores hit points or deals damage, ...
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Which magic weapon deals the most damage?

Common Weapons There are only 4 common magical weapons over all the books. Only 2 of those are actual weapons, the others are ammunition. Moon-Touched Sword Armblade Since the Moon-Touched Sword can ...
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Does the Spike Growth spell inflict cumulative damage on Large (and bigger) creatures?

Thomas Markov's answer is correct but incomplete. Example - A huge giant in a 15' wide corridor is utterly angry and coming down said corridor to squish you. You, however, manage to cast Spike Growth ...
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Which magic weapon deals the most damage?

Wave can do some out of whack nova damage There is a legendary item (not artifact) in the DMG called Wave which has the property of doing half of a creature's HP in damage on a critical hit. If you ...
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