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Infinity, or zero. Stand (or "stand") very far away from a planet. Toss the pig perpendicular to the line to the planet. The pig is now in a long, long orbit. It will travel a nigh-infinite distance, though always returning to the starting point.


No matter the half-orc monk's level, the typical half-orc monk that possesses Strength 18 that's using only material from the core rules can't throw a pig. Step 1: Find the pig Officially, pigs have no statistics. The Player's Handbook lists on Table 7–3: Trade Goods lists one pig as an item with a cost of 3 gp (112), but, otherwise, the entire Wizards of ...


TL; DR - 85 feet or 170 feet. Assumptions Half Orc is size Large Pig is not resisting Pig is size medium (No more than 300 lbs) Distance is adjusted for strength Racial ability or Improved Rock Hurling Feat Strength requirement for the feat is ignored From the 3.5 sourcebook Races of Stone, there are two applicable feats, Fling Ally and Fling Enemy. The ...


"You must advance a monster by type if it lacks the Intelligence score to gain class levels (minimum 3)." Found in Savage Species, p.106.

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