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What is the typeface used on the 'red box' Basic D&D boxed set exterior logo?

Masquerade I followed's Related Typefaces (which even has a convenient hover preview) and found among them Masquerade by the late Martin Wait then working for Letraset: It's a ...
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I'm trying to find a module I played as a kid

I did some quick research: B4 - The Lost City. Was this it? It was published in '82. The lower tiers were to be a series of chambers showing the journey of the spirit after death. Each room was ...
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How much is “full damage” when not avoiding a dragon's Crush maneuver?

Full damage = what's rolled on the dice. As written, the damage done to a non avoiding enemy is the full amount rolled, which isn't the same as "max damage" which could be inferred to mean "max ...
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Is there an AI that is capable of DMing using the 1983 Mentzer Basic DnD rules?

As of November 2023, not in a satisfying way. First, it is always hard to answer a question that asks "does X exist" in the negative. But in this case, the current state of the art is fairly ...
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Did Castle Amber influence Magic: The Gathering?

It's possible it may have had some influence, but it's very unlikely to be a direct inspiration. To respond in order, while there are five colored rooms, only the red room really corresponds in any ...
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How did Immortal boxed-set campaigns work in practice?

I ran a couple of immortal level games back in the day. I relied heavily on the setting for narrative (I played in Mystara) and the players were generally against the clock on some-unknown-thing-...
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How to convert BECMI monster's speed into modern D&D?

Converting from BECMI movement stats to D&D 5e Speed stats starts with looking at what the numbers in each are like, and then making sure they're converted in a way that recognises that ...
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How much is “full damage” when not avoiding a dragon's Crush maneuver?

This rule seems to originate in Basic/Expert/Companion/Master/Immortals D&D. It's on p170 of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia, with exactly this phrasing, and the table on p169 makes it clear that ...
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Boxed Set of Undead Hunting Adventures Compatable with the Rules Cyclopedia

Ah hah! On a whim, I wandered through the becmi contents over at DriveThruRPG, and my heart leapt when I saw a piece of art. It's called "The Haunted Tower", and I now possess a PDF version. Let ...
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Do Basic D&D and 2nd edition AD&D Mystara have separate canon timelines?

No, they have the same canon but many inconsistency (even inside the same edition). The 1000-1010DC is a very full decade and Karameikos become a Kingdom in 1006 DC (see Karameikos - Kingdom of ...
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What are the differences between Holmes, Moldvay, and Mentzer D&D?

"Classic" isn't a term until 1994: I would define OD&D as D&D before the Basic & Advanced split where later Basic also is part of ...
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How to convert BECMI monster's speed into modern D&D?

Let's start with a baseline human PC. In 5e, a Human has a base walking speed of 30 feet per round (6 seconds in 5e), which corresponds to a brisk walking pace (5.5 km/h or 3.4 mph) in real life. ...
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What are the differences between Holmes, Moldvay, and Mentzer D&D?

First there was the Basic Set, also known as the Holmes Rules, from its author. It was intended to be an introductory set of rules, based on what we now call Original D&D, leading players either ...
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