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Disguise a drone as something innocent

Unfortunately, there are no clear rules about entirely disguising drones, vehicles, or anything else of that nature. Thus, I cannot give you a strict Rules as Written answer. However, I can give you ...
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Can I run all of my drone autosoft from an RCC?

Yes, programs that are run on the RCC are shared between all slaved drones. Since it's [Weapon] Targeting you need to run one Autosoft per weapon type used. Since you're only using Ares Alphas, you ...
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Rigging & Complex Orders

Possibly. Drones are not renowned for being particularly clever. If they are being directly controlled and that link is interrupted, the drone's pilot program will attempt to continue following its ...
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What are the downsides of Remote Control?

First, whether you use Gunnery + Agility or Logic for remote control is contested, see this question. If the abilities used in RC and rig-in differ, that is one thing you lose or gain, depending on ...
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