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Stars Druid Dragon form and Polymorph

Probably not but ask your DM The Starry Form as a class feature is a game statistic, and is therefore removed by Polymorph, as Polymorph replaces the creature's statistics: The target's game ...
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Are there any beasts eligible for the druid's Wild Shape feature that have Legendary or Lair Actions?

There are currently no eligible beasts with Legendary or Lair Actions. It must be the case that this rule exists as a future-proofing measure and reminder, as it echoes the "Legendary Creatures&...
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What are common spell materials that can't be replaced by a focus?

Common Spell Components with gp value Indirectly, any valuable spell component can help your wizard and druid cast spells, because it can be re-sold or traded for components they can use. Components ...
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