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Awakened forest/valley/piece of land. Was there any official monster like that?

Yes, the “v.3.5 revised edition” of D&D has such a monster, known as a genius loci. As far as I can tell (and I looked), it is the only official monster of this sort from any edition of D&D. ...
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What is "Vancian" magic in D&D?

Vancian magic is memorization-based A Vancian magic system is one where a wizard memorizes a spell and then loses that memorization from his brain after a single use. It's termed "Vancian" ...
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What is the "Othur" referenced in the name of the poison "Burnt Othur Fumes"?

I'm wondering if the orgin of othur is "othar" From Old Irish othar sickness, illness (of the condition, not the disease) state of being tended in illness, nursing, sick-attendance a sick ...
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