To lift something is to elevate it from the ground. There's no reason this can't be an overhead lift, but you can't combine this with lateral movement. Lifting something upwards and moving it laterally is carrying, and these rules are for moving 'more than one can normally carry'. You can push, drag or lift more than you can normally carry, but the rules are ...


50 ft. per movement action, or 25ft. if the terrain is difficult. A normal wolf is a quadruped medium creature with a strength score of 13. As per the carrying capacity rules, this means that it can drag up to 1,125 lb. under normal conditions. Further, according to the Frostburn p.27 handbook, tundra terrain can be difficult terrain (depending on the ...


This is my personal opinion which seems to work with players I've always ruled the spell effect as being able to levitate a creature or object that weights 500 pounds or less and that's it as far the spell's weight limitation goes. Whether a PC can carry someone or something else depends on their ability to hold onto the weight they want to carry. Just ...


Unless the backpack is magical in some way or otherwise states, the weight of the backpack is 5 pounds PLUS the contents of the backpack. It does not reduce the weight, merely makes it more convenient to carry.


Fly simply gives you a flying movement speed, the same way an owl or an Aarakocra have. Beyond that, your ability to carry stuff is the same as it was for walking. If you're carrying more than your strength score allows then you're encumbered, as per the standard rules in the PHB.

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