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Is it true that Fate Core 'Replaces updates and revises' 1st and 2nd edition FATE?

It's both: Fate Core is its own system, and it's also one that's an update/revision to the Fate mechanics. In Evil Hat's Fate Core kickstarter, they write: Today, Evil Hat is proud to bring you Fate ...
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What are the differences between 1st and 2nd edition FATE?

In intent, the difference between 1 and 2 was mostly just to make it more readable/understandable and to take advantage of the fact that I'd gotten a little better with FrameMaker and had found some ...
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Is it true that Fate Core 'Replaces updates and revises' 1st and 2nd edition FATE?

No system is ever objectively better than another system, so frankly the answer to your question no matter what you swap into positions "A" or "B" will be "no". It's 100% subjective 100% of the time. ...
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1 vs 2 combat in FATE

It's pretty similar to a 1 v 1 fight: At the beginning of each exchange, the group figures out what the characters involved are trying to do during the exchange. Generally, this means each player ...
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1 vs 2 combat in FATE

The example of exchange-based combat on p.38 includes a fight that's briefly 1 on 2. Not too different from 1 on 1, roll and compare your rolls, except: both of the 2 can damage you if that's what ...
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How do 2nd ed Diaspora Consequences work?

The way consequences work in Diaspora hasn't changed across editions — the “3rd edition” there has the original meaning of the word “edition”, which is just a reprinting edition that contains ...
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How can I adjudicate more-lethal combat?

Combat can be a slog in Fate 2.0. I use some suggested tweaks to help with this. Changing Wound Boxes While the wound boxes as presented are the default for the system, there’s no reason that they ...
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