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The scenarios Core posits for Will aren't exactly proactive either. I mean, okay, locking particle effects with an enemy mage and screaming "WIZARD BATTLE!" is pretty proactive, but that's an optional extra for extra settings. What's everything else? "Perducci's transactions must have left a trail somewhere in this assayer's archive! INVESTIGUESQUE!" ...


According to this May 26 tweet by Fred Hicks: Skills (or whatever you care to call your rated attributes) are a cosmetic feature and should not be taken as canon from any source including Core. You should be clear about and define your scope for each skill specific to the implementation you create.


The only mechanical guidance is "there is no mechanical guidance". [Abandon] any intent to achieve balance between mantles. -- Dresden Files Accelerated, "Creating Mantles", p.200 But that's talking about mantles, which affect the scale of a large portion of things you're going to do in a game at least partly about how mortals can deal with those ...

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