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For questions about the Fate RPG. If you're asking about a specific game publication that uses Fate for its engine, please include that system's tag also/instead.

Fate is a free system available at It is derived from the system and developed by Evil Hat.

These are our Fate-related mechanical tags: (These tags might be shared by other games that have identically-named mechanics)

Many different games are built on the Fate engine, and they may be very different depending on the setting of the game and the era the game was designed in. Fate 1e was quickly updated to an OGL 2.0 version; the semi-official term "Fate 3.0" describes the implied Fate engine used by games from Spirit of the Century through The Dresden Files RPG; and the post-3.0 engine began with the Fate Core and Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE), formally codifying Fate rules for use in any setting or genre under both OGL and CC licenses. You can find resources on the history of Fate here.

These are the Fate-related games/systems we have tags for:

Both Fate Core and Fate Accelerated Edition are dual-licensed under Creative Commons and the Open Gaming License (OGL), as is the Fate System Toolkit. If you want to link to rules in your questions and answers, is a relatively stable resource. (Remember to add context around the link and always quote the most relevant part of an important link! Never rely on a link to do your explaining for you.)

Nota bene: Although "FATE" originally stood for "Fudge Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment" and then "Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment," it is no longer an acronym and technically should not be written in all-caps.