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Your players are right It affects “the ground within range” (10 feet) causing damage to creatures “in that area”. It does not affect the air.


To expand on KorvinStarmast's answer, the Scourge Aasimar (VGtM, p. 105) has no explicit racial features that grant flight. However, if your player wants to keep his character's subrace at level 1, desperately wants wings, and is patient enough to let the story unfold, you could turn a problem into an opportunity for interesting story and character ...


Only the Protector Aasimar have flight The Radiant Soul feature of the Protector Aasimar offers 1 minute of flight at a flying speed of 30 per long rest. (Volo's Guide to Monsters, p. 105). The Scourge Aasimar has a light / radiant-damage-causing racial effect (Radiant Consumption), and the Fallen Aasmiar have a fear effect (Necrotic Shroud) - their ...


The Rules Compendium has your answer. Pages 91 and 92 of the Rules Compendium contain rules for movement via flight, including the movement cost for the effects of climbing (such as lift off), and maintaining flight versus being forced to land due to insufficient flight speed. Here is an excerpt of the definitions: Minimum Forward Speed: If a flying ...

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