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For questions about the design of RPGs themselves. Not for questions about homebrewing subsystems, rules, or house rules questions. More specific tags may apply—click “info” or “learn more…” for a guide.

Questions related to designing games, the theories of RPG design, the use of dice in designs, or subjects tangential to that, including "hacks" or derivative works, should be tagged with the design tag.

This does not include house rules or simple changes to an existing system, nor homebrewing new subsystems for an existing game system. This tag is for more extensive creation and theories.

With or without using the tag:

  • Use and/or for questions about designing dice systems.
  • Use for questions about copyright, patent, and other intellectual property issues.

Instead of using the tag:

  • For questions about house rules and small rule changes, use .
  • For questions about creating new subsystems or material for an existing RPG, use .
  • For questions about publishing RPGs, use .
  • For questions about a specific game's rules or rulings, use just the appropriate game-system tag.