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Best Traveller version for Star Trek

First, to recap: Including out-of-print versions, the following versions of Traveller exist: “Classic” Traveller - this is the original version published in 1977 and updated in 1981, under the name ...
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Have any RPGs ever been based on the world of William Blake?

In 1983, Avalon Hill released a RPG titled "Lords of Creation" with a rule book and a "Book of Foes". Within this set, part 8 "Lands of Wonder" the Land of Ulro was based on William Blake's work. The ...
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Are there any RPG systems that don't require a DM to narrate the adventure?

YES I found a few games/system that might interest you: Fiasco The Quiet Year The Deep Forest Dream Askew Dream Apart Microscope Follow Kingdom Questlandia Noirlandia Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands ...
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A pen-and-paper RPG with a "Save Game" function (and how that works)?

Outside of the realm of time travel RPGs, some of which have inherent resets (complete or incomplete) I know of no games that offer this sort of mechanic. I would like to point out, however, that such ...
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Which system to support a grim world of low fantasy?

I suggest Low Fantasy Gaming (caveat: I wrote it!). But, it does meet many of the OP's requirements: low magic, martial exploits, injuries, rules light. It is a 1d20 D&D variant however, so it ...
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Alternate class system for MtG inspired setting

Not quite Pathfinder, but Wizards of the Coast (finally) released an official campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. I never played DD5, so I wouldn't know how easily it would translate to ...
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Is there a game system with good mechanics for a PvP murder mystery?

No Lists, Just Guidelines I cannot provide you with a list of systems - that is contrary to site policy. However, I can still help you with your question in other ways. First, make sure your players ...
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Scalable Game for a Post-Apocalypse Setting

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins is Powered by the Apocalypse, but differs from Apocalypse World. The setting is by default further beyond the time of the apocalypse. It's also deliberately built to scale ...
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Would GURPS be a good choice for a non-magic, 19th century tech level, roleplay focused campaign?

Gday. Real old thread here, hope your game worked out. I've been running a 1700s European gurps campaign for many years now. It's a fantastic system for what I want though I do use 3rd ed rules. ...
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European Medieval Fantasy RPG with an appropriate setting, minimal bookkeeping, random characters, and simple rules?

Coming at this late to the party- but I'd recommend Dragon Warriors (Dave Morris). Elegant, fast mechanics and in my opinion the best mythic / medieval fantasy Europe setting ever written (Legend).
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