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On page 270 of Genius: The Transgression, it says that "untemplated humans" are capable of triggering Havoc. Hunters of the first two Tiers don't have a template, so they're considered normal for these purposes. However, Hunters of Tier III should probably count as supernatural for this purpose; if you've got monster parts implanted in you, experimental ...


Genius: The Transgression was developed on RPG.NET; as a result, you'll find the mass of its fan base and development community there. Here's a link to the most current thread on the game; its origins can be found at this link.


When a person becomes beholden, she loses the ability to recover Willpower when indulging her Virtue or Vice Page 91, Emphasis mine. Like any other template in CoD, an NPC Beholden starts out as a Mortal, and becomes something else. Page 278 further explains the process by which a beholden is created... in so much that there isn't anything to it. They ...


I would say it is well in the spirit of the game to craft Wonders that are not physical objects. Your examples do all make sense to me, but I can think of other examples that are quite common in the "mad scientist / mad engineer" genre and are not physical objects: alterations of themselves and/others (through genetic manipulation, injections, nanobots, ...

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