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Evil Campaigns: How to explain the difference between being evil and being a jerk?

When I tried asking them what was the point of their actions their response was they had to do it since they were evil. Bah! That's the problem with villains these days. They hear about the time ...
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How to stop players from making the game X-rated

Social Scripts for escaping an unwanted Sexytimes RPG What I'm seeing in your question is that you don't have a D&D group, you have a sexytimes fantasy roleplaying group. Being in an RPG group ...
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How do I manage a player who is handling traps by metagaming?

What's wrong with what he's doing? As far as he can tell, this is a good strategy. He's exceptionally tough, and running through traps has worked for him in the past, so he believes it'll be fine in ...
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Is it OK for me to give my players' characters punitive backstories when they don't provide their own?

You should cut that out. You've basically answered the question yourself in describing the situation to us: You have a requirement that characters have a backstory. If they don't bring a backstory, ...
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What to do with players who have done something very stupid, but unwittingly?

In the short term, there are many ways to resolve this - have the person selling them the carriage inform them that they've been taken advantage of and advise them to shake down the boat buyer for a ...
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What do you do when your players guess your plots?

You're not doing anything wrong. Having players guess a plot development doesn't mean they know (unless you're confirming their guesses — don't do that, that is doing it “wrong”). It just means they ...
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What is the purpose of easy combat scenarios that don't need resource expenditure?

Others have mentioned other reasons, but here's another that I find particularly compelling. In a game of D&D, it is generally accepted that the DM will build combat encounters to be difficult ...
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How to work with a player who cites ADHD as reason for disruptive behavior

Your player is not taking ownership of their condition A disclaimer before I start, first I'm not familiar with the AL's rules and recourse for DMs dealing with problem players. Secondly, I'm not a ...
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How do I communicate to my players that a door is, for the time being, absolutely locked to them?

Show them the missing key The unwritten assumption about doors in an RPG is that they are meant to be opened. As long as the players think that there is a hidden way to open that door, they will ...
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How can I tell the DM that I wasn't having fun and that I fault him for it?

I think I'm going to have to Frame Challenge this question. Based only on how you described the combat and outcome, it doesn't really seem like the DM did anything wrong. It seems much more strongly ...
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How can I convince players not to offload a seemingly useless weapon?

Let them sell it. Later, when they realize they needed it, let them troop back and buy it again. It can be a little mini quest: "figure out what happened to that sword we vendored". I think your more ...
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Is saying "Your PC wouldn't do that" to a player denying their agency?

Yes -- if you use that specific phrasing, "your character would not do that", you are denying their character's agency. The player is an authority over what their character wants to do; your ...
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As a DM, how can I handle my Druid spying on everything with Wild shape as a spider?

Introduce a threat to the spider. There are plenty of normal creatures that live in caves that pose a threat to spiders. Frogs, birds, and even other spiders are natural predators. You can ...
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How do I explain to an AD&D player that items that increase Armor Class in D&D 5e are overpowered?

+2 AC is much more than an 8% improvement, in one case it is as high as 200%. Erik's and Quadratic Wizard's answers do a fine job of comparing the proposed item to existing magical items in the DMG. ...
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As a girl, how can I voice male characters effectively?

As a DM, I've found that trying to distinguish characters solely by changing my voice doesn't work very well. It's not especially scalable, for one - if you have a full cast of NPCs, you're likely to ...
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How do I indicate to my players that an NPC is no longer useful and that they should move on?

Remember that NPCs are people, not info dumps. Your players are following what I'd call the video game model of NPC interaction. In a lot of RPG video games, the NPCs are infinitely patient and let ...
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What to do if a player expected much more than DM gave?

The ruling seems very reasonable Originally the goblins were at a reasonable advantage and knew it. Successful intimidation made it so they weren't that sure anymore, probably assuming that the PCs ...
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I dislike how players accurately place fireballs. Is there an alternative?

Well, I don't think I need to tell you that it's within RAW, per the spell description of Fireball [emphasis mine]: A bright streak flashes from your pointing finger to a point you choose within ...
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How can I handle a player who pre-plans arguments about my rulings on RAW?

Agree as a table that rules discussions happen out-of-session We have had this issue at our table. Rules debates that have gotten out of hand and players (including and sometimes primarily me in the ...
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As a DM, how can I handle my Druid spying on everything with Wild shape as a spider?

Handle it without crushing it. One of the best parts of playing D&D is creative uses of game mechanics. Don't take that from your player. Remember, your job as DM is not to counter or beat ...
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How to work with a player who cites ADHD as reason for disruptive behavior

I don't know your player, but I know something about playing D&D in AL with ADHD. That's my hobby. I also know something about working with young adults with ADHD in structured settings. That's my ...
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How do I address the need to kill off one member of the party for on going plot?

Then you need to damn the plot secrets and talk with the player and make sure they are OK with it. You don't need to give them details on how it is resolved but they need to know they will be killed ...
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How do I communicate to my players that a door is, for the time being, absolutely locked to them?

As you've noticed, pretty much the entire history of gaming has taught players that a locked door is a puzzle and there will be a solution available somewhere nearby - maybe not immediately, but in ...
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How can I impose consequences when PCs commit severe crimes?

This is not uncommon since many players come from video games, wantonly stealing from and murdering NPCs. NPCs in roleplay games tend to be smarter though, and have logic. Give them a reputational ...
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How can I run an open-world game with vast power differences, without resulting in constant TPKs?

In game, make it clear that they won't always win The cause of your problems isn't open world, the problem is the preconception that PCs can always solve the problems in front of them with combat. ...
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My players have a habit of always torturing enemies they capture for information, how can I make our adventure less macabre?

Don't reward the behavior. You control the game universe and everything in it. Start making your NPCs tougher and smarter. Let them resist the torture defiantly, going so far as to die to keep their ...
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How should a DM resolve a smooth-talking player with a weak Charisma score PC?

This is a delicate thing to pull off as a GM, because it involves finessing the subtle aspects of a player's agency vs the rest of the imagined world. The usual model of player agency is that the ...
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How should I handle players who ignore the session zero agreement?

No getting around it, and no need to work with in-game punishments. In-game punishments make the problem just another part of the game, and this is more serious than that. You've got to be blunt here:...
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How to deal with a player who says no all the time?

As ever, there are two approaches: in-game, and out-of-game. Out-of-game: It's a cliché on this stack, but for a reason: talk to this player about what they want. As mentioned above, not biting on ...
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As a DM, how to avoid unconscious metagaming when dealing with a high AC character?

Avoid the DM vs Player trap It looks like you may have fallen into that trap, based on how you presented the problem. This isn't a matter of a "fair fight" between a monster (or a group of monsters) ...
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