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Am I allowed to use the name Greyhawk in a group name and website name?

Note: I am not a lawyer, and do not pretend to be one. I pretend to be a hobgoblin. Get real legal advise if you want to be sure. The word is protected Greyhawk appears to be a registered trademark of ...
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What are known portals to the Abyss in Greyhawk?

List of published portals to the Abyss Thanks to @Kirt for unearthing this thread where rasgon did a lot of the heavy lifting. Dragon's Maw, from the adventure Tammermauts Fate, originally appeared ...
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What are known portals to the Abyss in Greyhawk?

Dagon's Maw, or the Pit of Hatred Some SPOILERS follow for the Tammeraut's Fate adventure (in 3.5e version and also a part of the 5e Ghosts of Saltmarsh book). The module Tammeraut's Fate from Dungeon ...
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How might a ghost interact with psionic items, powers, and effects that are made of or produce ectoplasm?

The ectoplasm created by the Ectoplasm feat is special, in its color, sticky/slippery, and ghost touch properties. None of those things apply to any other ectoplasm. The ectoplasms created by various ...
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