For questions about homebrewing new content for an existing system. This tag should be used when locally-created, non-published content is at the heart of the question. (Note that soliciting ideas for creating homebrew is off topic for the site.) Not to be confused with the [house-rules] tag. For creating entire new games, use [game-design]. This tag is not for reviewing already created content; for that use [homebrew-review].

Homebrew, so called by analogy to home-brewing beer, is the creation of new game material by fans (not the publisher or licensed third party publishers) for an existing game system. This tag is for questions about creating new rules material; for creating entirely new games, use .

Homebrew is for non-published content. Feats, classes, abilities, perks, traits, talents, or any other mechanical component not published by the holder of the license, or appropriately authorized third parties, constitutes homebrew, whether it's written by the group in question or some random person on the internet.

Homebrew is distinct from in that house rules are usually small ad hoc modifications of an existing system, while homebrew for an existing system is the creation of entire new subsystems or of rules content like classes, creatures, spells, equipment, and similar game material.

This tag is not for questions which are soliciting ideas for homebrew, as such questions require a degree of discussion which is off topic. (In such cases, a discussion forum may be helpful.)

This tag is also not for asking about reviewing created content for balance and viability. For that, use .