A fantasy RPG that emulates (i.e. retro-clone) the rules and feel of the Basic D&D rule set edited by Tom Moldvay (B/X circa 1981).

Labyrinth Lord (LL) is a fantasy role-playing game written and edited by Daniel Proctor and published by Goblinoid Games. It emulates the rules and feel of Basic Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) using the Open Game License (OGL) from Wizards of the Coast. LL borrows its inspiration from the 1981 "red box" D&D rule set edited by Tom Moldvay.

Deviations from the original include:

  • Level advancement from 1 through to 20. The original Basic rule set covers level advancement 1 - 3 and the original Expert rule set covers levels advancement 4 - 14. Labyrinth Lord covers level advancement to 1 - 20.
  • Cleric class casting spells at first level. The original has a Cleric earning their first spell at level 2. Labyrinth Lord allows a Cleric to start their career casting spells. In addition, spell progression for Clerics in Labyrinth Lord occurs much quicker.
  • Experience points per level are tweaked. For example, a Thief in the original version requires 1200 XP to reach level 2, whereas a Thief in Labyrinth Lord requires 1251 XP to reach level 2.
  • Equipment expansion and price variations. Weapon additions include Flail, Hammer, Bastard Sword, and Trident. Armor additions include Padded, Scale, Banded, and Splint. Prices for armor are increased on average.
  • Trademarked monster names are changed. Various beast names that belong under the trademark ownership of Dungeons and Dragons are renamed for legal reasons.

In addition to emulating Basic Dungeons & Dragons rules, Labyrinth Lord also includes optional character rules from Original D&D (Original Edition Characters) and Advanced D&D 1E (Advanced Edition Companion) that integrate seemlessly with the core rules. These options can be picked à la Carte and inserted with ease.