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Could Touchsight be used to feel the presence of the microscopic or nanoscopic?

D&D is not based on the real world. There aren't viruses or bacteria, just diseases, curses, and poisons. Atoms may not even exist. It's much more "four elements of creation" and less &...
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Is there any way Captain America could hurt Iron Man using only his own abilities?

Captain America has no way to reduce Iron Man's HP but can potentially slam or stun him Using karma for a power stunt or taking advantage of the fact that Captain America has talents in all forms of ...
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What exactly is the distance one can teleport?

The Range Tables should be on the inside front cover of the Ultimate Powers Book Martin's Ultimate Powers Book (1986) on the power T16/Teleport Self says, "Column E on the Range Table shows the ...
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Is there any indication what rank is needed for powers that could destroy moons or planets?

Class 3000. But it is possible to use a Class 1000 attribute/rank power, and by pushing into Class 3000, to destroy a Planet. In theory, if you are at Unearthly and Above, you have the theoretical ...
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What is "an Intuition roll of Good Intensity"?

I have that module. Two key lines that comes right after the statement you quoted are: Also, If Faro (the leader of the gang) is slain, his underlings flee as soon as possible. ​ Aftermath: After ...
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Which power covers summonable armor?

Body Transformation could be tweaked to cover your desire with a +2cs limitation (the one material limit), and some clever fluff text. As a bonus, you get your instant on and off effect built in. ...
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